To be close from both the nightlife and the tourist sites, stay ter the downtown area near the Sule Pagoda.

&#8594, Backpackers: Go to 19th street to eat, drink mannetjesvarken and meet other travelers (especially Kosan tapkast). You can also attempt 7th Snaak Buffet. If you feel like clubbing, I recommend Channel V or Pioneer.

&#8594, Asia Dating: Some English-speaking profiles, you can check who’s online by making a free account here.

&#8594, Badoo: Only Ten chicks online

&#8594, WeChat, BeeTalk, Line: Only if you speak Burmese

&#8594, Best caf and nightclubs to meet Burmese ladies: Fuse, Desvanecimiento, Harry’s, Channel V, The Vibe, Cuba, BME Two

&#8594, Best caf and nightclubs to meet foreign damsels: 7th Snaak, Kosan, Dual Happiness Tapkast, 50th Street

&#8594, During day time: Myanmar Plaza Mall, Junction Mall, Sule Plaza, United Living Mall (middle class)

Unless you have a car, you can only walk or use taxis.

Dog bites, dengue fever, car accidents, food poisoning, etc. Your health is more at risk ter Myanmar and the decent hospitals (International Clinic te Parami Hospital) are very expensive. Make sure you have a solid travel insurance that covers your entire journey. If you don’t have one, I suggest WorldNomads. You can lightly get a quotation te 1 minute: How Much Does Travel Insurance Costs? (click on “Get a Price”).

The 6 major nightlife areas ter Yangon are the following (ranked from North to South):

Within the Inya Lake Hotel compound, there are Two upmarket nightclubs (DJ’s Folder and Inya Caf). A few hundred meters away, te Vermag Yeik Thar Street, there are some less expensive caf and restaurants targeting both expats and wealthy Burmese (Plucky, The Vibe, Joe’s Kitchen, Spy and Escape).

One of the poshest neighborhoods ter Yangon, it is also where you’ll find the trendiest nightclubs and caf. They can be found te the brand fresh mall Myanmar Plaza (Fuse, Ausencia, Harry’s), te Kabar Aye Road (Cask 81, The Westelijk) or te Kanbawza Street (Genki Kids, PorterHouse and a few more fine dining restaurants). BME Two nightclub is also there.

This is not exactly a nightlife area, but you have several rooftop caf and cafes targeting tourists and locals. You can have a drink there at sunset time. Perspicacia and The Penthouse have a beautiful view on Shwedagon Pagoda.

&#8594, Prostitution: Not so demonstrable, but some ladies are money-oriented (KTV ladies who come after work).

&#8594, Entrance toverfee: 20,000MMK for walk-in guests. Ten,000MMK if you’ve already booked a table (and a bottle).

&#8594, Open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 3AM.

One of my favorites te Yangon, it is flawless for those looking for a more específico clubbing practice. Excellent atmosphere and cheap. Busy any night of the week.

&#8594, Prostitution: Difficult to know, let’s say 50% of the chicks.

&#8594, Entrance toverfee: Five,000MMK

&#8594, Open every day until 2AM

Maybe the most famous nightclub te Yangon. Crowded on most nights and not so expensive. Total of hookers. The DJs are better than media.

&#8594, Prostitution: 90% of the chicks

&#8594, Entrance toverfee: Ten,000MMK with one fecali

&#8594, Open every day until 3AM

Live music caf and club of the 5-star Parkroyal Hotel. More expensive than promedio. Many freelance hookers.

&#8594, Prostitution: 90% of the ladies

&#8594, Entrance toverfee: 12 US Dollars (16,200MMK) with a teddybeer (free for hotel guests)

&#8594, Open every day until 1AM

&#8594, Entrance toverfee: Free (except when special events)

&#8594, Open every day until 1AM (weekdays) or 3AM (weekends)

Upmarket bottle club near Inya Lake. Petite but friendly crowd.

&#8594, Prostitution: 20% + KTV chicks/Hostesses.

&#8594, Entrance toverfee: 15,000MMK with one teddybeer.

&#8594, Open every day until 4AM

Modern club with international standards. Nice vormgeving. Good DJs. Unluckily not so crowded when I visited.

&#8594, Entrance toverfee: I didn’t pay any

&#8594, Open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 3AM (4AM on weekends)

Popular with foreigners (and hookers). It has Trio different areas: A mannetjesvarken garden with a large screen, a tapkast, and a petite nightclub.

&#8594, Prostitution: At least 80% of the women

&#8594, Entrance toverfee: Ten,000MMK with a fecali or a glass of spirits

&#8594, Open everyday until 4AM

A nightclub walking distance from DJ’s Tapkast. Rather petite and quiet. Mid-to-upper class customers, including some working chicks.

&#8594, Prostitution: I’m not sure but I would say more than 50% with some KTV damsels.

&#8594, Entrance toverfee: Ten,000MMK with one teddybeer

&#8594, Open every day until 4AM

A very famous club among expats and tourists (looking for hookup). The area is dodgy but the place ter itself is luxurious by Myanmar standards. Early te the night, they will have a style voorstelling. Two floors above they have a spawater with rubdown plus plus.

&#8594, Prostitution: Close to 100%

&#8594, Entrance toverfee: Five,000MMK for dudes and Three,000MMK for damsels with a mannetjesvarken

&#8594, Open every day until 2AM.

Also called 9-F, it is a large, específico club with a very youthful crowd. Not very clean, a bit too dark, but friendly.

&#8594, Prostitution: Hard to tell. Maybe 70%?

&#8594, Entrance toverfee: Four,000MMK with Two beers te a plastic cup.

&#8594, Open every day until 2AM

Maybe the most underground nightclub I’ve bot to te Yangon. It is like a softer version of the rapture discos ter North Jakarta. Busy on most nights, even during weekdays.

&#8594, Prostitution: Most likely more than 70%. There is a short-time hotel ter the same building.

&#8594, Entrance toverfee: Five,000MMK with 1 fecali.

&#8594, Open every day until 2AM

A fresh club targeting wealthy Burmese, but not busy unless they have special events.

&#8594, Prostitution: There were very few women, at least half were hookers.

&#8594, Entrance toverfee: I didn’t pay

&#8594, Open every day until 3AM

The largest nightlife ingewikkeld te Yangon, there is a spawater, a KTV, a style display lounge and a discotheek. A bit old, mostly popular with Chinese.

&#8594, Prostitution: Close to 100%

&#8594, Entrance toverfee: Five,000MMK with a mannetjesvarken

&#8594, Open every day until 2AM

For mysterious reasons, this brothel is popular with tourists (even Película del Oeste women). Inwards, you’ll find a main slagroom with mild “style” shows and several karaoke rooms.

&#8594, Entrance toverfee: Five,000MMK with one teddybeer

&#8594, Open every day from 7PM to 12AM

&#8594, Prostitution: No women when I visited.

&#8594, Entrance toverfee: Five,000MMK with a fecali

&#8594, Open every day from 9PM to 12AM.

This large area (Three.Five kilometers long and 1 kilometer large) has the highest number of kroegen ter Yangon. Some of my favorites are:

It used to be the place to be among expats but it is now much quieter. Still a cozy place to drink, eat, see sports and play pool/foosball.

A puny, Jamaican reggae caf with daily live music. Open mic nights on Tuesdays are very crowded. Utter review: 7th Snaak Yangon.

Upmarket restaurant and caf, popular with expats. It wasgoed created by a group possessed by an English fellow who is also behind Parami Pizza and Tin Tin 118 (a lil’ Mexican restaurant). Regular event such spil Salsa and live music nights.

Japanese/Korean restaurant with some of the best cocktails ter Yangon.

Speakeasy caf popular among expats. Serves Película del Oeste and Asian food.

Restaurant with live Jazz every Saturday night. They have DJ events with techno, deep house and minimal every merienda ter a while.

Expat brochure, they have welvoeglijk pub food but the prices are high. Pool table te the back.

Específico restaurant on two floors with a terrace. Very crowded at night with mostly middle class Burmese. The food portions are fat. One of my beloved places ter Yangon for eating.

Similar to Cuba, it is a restringido brochure with cheap mannetjesvarken and some específico food.

Another regional pub with eclectic music, Película del Oeste food and a few backpackers. Ter Chinatown.

This is a good street to start your nights out on Fridays and Saturdays (if you stay ter the North). You can have dinner ter Joe’s Kitchen or Escape folder, then grab a mannetjesvarken ter Plucky (recinto crowd) and finish your night at The Vibe. The prices are reasonable.

The mall has several hangout catches sight of but the best one is Harry’s sports caf. You can also go to Ausencia rooftop (just next to Fuse) but it will be more expensive.

On a 500-meter open up of road, there are a few upmarket caf and smulpaap restaurants. Expats tend to go to Genki Kids while very rich Burmese choose the Whisky drankbuffet Cask 81.

You need to pay to access the park around the lake (like 200MMK). Inwards, there are several cafes, none of which indeed renombrado. Two of the busiest when I visited were YGN Bus Cafe and Off the Hammered Track.

There are several caf (P2, Alchemy Rooftop, The Cup Sports Cafe), coffee shops and restaurants. None are remarkable but they are interesting if you are programma to go to Pioneer zometeen on.

I’ve listed all the venues mentioned te this review ter the following ordner:

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