“Women may be able to fake бЅ„rgasms, but dudes can fake entire relationships.” – Sharon Stone (1958) American actress and filmrolletje producer

WARNING: This hub might make you angry. Confused and troubled. Doubtful, distraught and possibly hurt… most especially, if you are a woman, or should I say, if you’re a gf.

So, if you know you are not ready to practice any of those emotions, then I will advise you zekering reading any further.

But if you feel like you can proceed, then don’t say you’ve not bot warned, okay?

Alright. With that out of the way now, can wij proceed please?

You see, when the idea to write this hub very first struck mij, I figured the title will be something like Ten Lies I Tell My Girlfriends but then my mischievous mind got the better of mij and then I wasgoed like: Why just make it something about you? Why not tune it up a little by telling something like Ten Lies Some Guys Tell Their Girlfriends?

Alright. That sounded cool to mij. At very first.

‘Cause I wasn’t that satisfied—yet.

Wij indeed need to scare some damsels out there by throating things up right now. Wij need to play with their emotions. Let’s waterput some doubtful thoughts te their minds. Let’s get them confused and maybe, cause some problems for some studs ter the process, right?

Yeah right, like all mischief makers know, controversy is good so let’s just stir things up on the internet. I did it before when I penned Mind Games Guys Play on Women. So why not do it again? It will be fine, or don’t you think so?

So that’s exactly how wij got here: Top Ten Lies All Guys Tell Their Girlfriends!

Alright, so you want to know those lies he could be telling you?

Now, if you’re not stronghearted, I’m warning you for the very last time, please just step back now. Trust mij, you won’t like what you are going to hear.

Wait a minute… you are still here?

Alright, don’t say you weren’t warned.

Zuigeling, are you astonished to hear this?

Don’t be. It is the truth. Te fact, one of the commonest lies told ter most relationships is just this.

He knows this is exactly what you want to hear.

They say the easiest way to deceive people is to tell them what they want to hear.

If you think I’m lounging, next time he says I love you to you, just pause for a uur and ask him what he indeed means by that.

I bet you, you will be earnestly surprised—and so shocked too, probably—by his response!

Again, tell them what you know they want to hear.

When he tells you this, 9 out of Ten, it stops you from thinking clearly or correctly.

He’s banking on that petite uur to recreate a fine good feeling inwards you.

It works all the time.

But it is a lie.

You are not the best.

Again, if you think I don’t know what I’m telling, again pause and ask him this: best te what?

And then witness that wit look emerge on his face.

Please don’t make mij laugh.

You should know that this is just one of those ‘sweet moments’ sayings.

It doesn’t indeed mean anything to mij.

I can’t even recall why I said it.

I just toebijten to know its soothing effects on hier. I just toebijten to know it makes hier feel so special. Or maybe it doesn’t but she wants mij to think it does so that I will proceed telling those words, who knows?

Not that I care anyway.

I just go ahead and mouth it off.

But you’re not the only one.

I don’t have the money for this… or for that

Well, unless you were born yesterday, you will always know that when there’s a will, there’s a way. Ter other words, if he had desired to do it, he will certainly (find a way to) do it and get you the money you said you needed.

But he doesn’t.

Ter fact, he’s even banking on your understanding that the economy is finta rough, business has not bot so good, salaries have not bot paid, plus who doesn’t know that earning money has never bot that effortless because money does not grow on trees.

He knows you have always bot a very wise and understanding gf, which might explain why you’re still with him.

So he just goes ahead and tells that same sweet lie—once more.

But you wouldn’t know this.

Truth is, I don’t. And I never will. Your tastes are so bland—to mij. Even your ideas too. They are so wacky at times.

Toevluchthaven’t you noticed how I almost always drift to sleep anytime wij are watching those very stupid girly movies of yours?

Well, I guess you wouldn’t notice anyway because you are always so carried away.

Indeed, I wonder what makes you think I will be interested te listening to you yak on and on, on what you and your friends have bot up to.

I am not truly a killjoy.

Which is why I just simply play along.

Which is why I sometimes ask of your opinion.

Even however, I’m never truly goin’ to act upon it.

Sorry dear. I know this might faze you. But if I were to tell you the gospel truth, I’d rather you just keep your tastes—and your ideas—to yourself.

Did I truly say that?!

Believe that, you’ll believe anything!

Truth is, I don’t.

The only time I might truly like and totally love your company is when I’m ter the mood… youknowwhamsayin’?

Any other time, I’d rather wij rigorously keep it a mind-your-own-business affair.

Don’t blame mij.

It is not your fault that you will never understand mij, like what I like, or even go after my lead all the time.

I don’t even want you to.

It’s such a hard work—for you—and for mij too.

Alright. Okay. Define brainy.

Yes, go ahead right now and define what being wise indeed means.

You see, you don’t even know what it means.

You see, you are even thinking about it.

Which means you don’t even know what it means…

Anyway, never mind.

The thing is, most guys want their women to be brainy. And the women already know this. So when the man tells hier she’s clever, it’s like a powerful validation glorious victory for hier!

But it’s a trick. A very powerful trick that can pauze any woman down and make hier powerless te the knees!

And I believe you know what that means, huh?

Truth is, you are never everzwijn going to be spil clever spil I want you to be.

But I just play along and tell you that you are so that you will never have any reason to actually think about what being brainy truly means.

You’ll make a good mother

This statement is only directed to you because I know that it triggers your cuidadoso instincts.

And your materno instincts makes you think you are spil good spil you think I should think you are.

But truth is, you might actually make a good mother.

But the auténtico question remains: good mother to whom?

You vereiste be very high on something.

Well… what else can I say? Who knows. it’s a possibility. but for now. um.

Time will always tell, anyway…

The Difference Inbetween Guys And Women Explained

Your past doesn’t matter

If you believe this, then you are not even mature enough to be te a relationship.

Who everzwijn told you your past doesn’t matter?

Zuigeling lady, it matters a lotsbestemming to mij.

Do you know how many times I have asked around about issues concerning your past?

Do you think I am telling you the gospel truth when I tell you I’m so convenient with those calls you are getting at odd hours?

Do you truly believe mij when I say that you can still keep all your friends?

Believe mij, I have not only researched you. I have also gone a long distance to research your friends too.

Don’t blame mij.

Tell mij who your friends are and I will tell you who you are!

It’s spil elementary spil that.

So there you have it.

I know I said ten but nine out of ten is still pretty much a very good score, right?

Truth is, I would have loved to add something like ‘I will marry you’ spil the tenth lie but then like all sensible fellows know, that type of lie is usually very hard to get away with because of its implications and capacity of switching everything!

So most sensible guys would rather not say it.

But mind you, that doesn’t mean it’s not on the cards tho’.

Now guys, get ready for the emerging backlash from your girlfriends that might go after this revelations but then, like I will always tell you guys, backlash or not, never be afraid to lie to your gf.

Ter fact, attempt spil much to become a master ter it.

Of course, women love to be liedje to, anyway!

Believe it or not, ter some cases—like a sick joy to them or something—women… alright, some women even like it when they know you are actually lounging but they like you to proceed fooling yourself thinking you’re fooling them.

Don’t everzwijn think you are too clever to be getting away with all those your lies or that thesis women are fools for permitting you lie to them almost all the time because they are not. Chances are, they just want to see how you will climb out of the deep crevice you’re obviously digging for yourself by lounging to them.

But ter universal, women like to imagine. Women love to theorize. Women love schouwspel. Women like the fantasy. I guess, it’s like your lies do trigger a part of their brain which excites them te a way a man couldn’t possibly understand or imagine.

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