Taganskaya street 9, Moscow, 109004, Russia

“I have some money but it’s not enough to finish my tour. Please send mij 900 US dollars and I will accomplish my journey! After it please write mij all details about the transfer”

27 Gogolia Street, Sochi, Russia

+79528299500 and +79530857638

Linked hier international passport and part of Película del Oeste union money transfer receipt, pictures and plane toegangsbewijs. Of course did not use plane toegangsbewijs, because it wasgoed a scam. She is active on Tagged.com and many other websites. Please take activity to block the woman and publish this warning to protect others.

Pobeda street 89 ap.47, Kirov, Russia

She asks money for correspondence. She wants badly to keep exchanging letters, and she owes money for two months to the Internet club, however she however embarked corresponding with mij only a week ago. According to hier the manager of the club willingly permitted hier to write one more time, and she promised to bring $100 te Trio days.

She ask for paying passport and Schengen visa and toegangsbewijs. She writes very kleintje.

She wasgoed at Moscow airport “to travel to me” cause she told she has the Visa, but the

Russian custom-built will let hier no pass, cause she has no pocket money. To live te Germany, so I sent 1200,– the customs very first asks for. Next day she ask for more cause she send a copy of hier visa which wasgoed for 90 Days and they ask for 40,– Euros a day she told. I talent a copy of visa to the Bundespolizei for checking : They told this visa wasgoed valid for a Russian man born 21.9.1959 and the number of this visa wasgoed valid from 7.1.2001 till 11.Two.2001. Handelsbank account VTB 24 (JSC) Moskau Russia) Account no. 4272290930040357 VTB Handelsbank (Deutschland) AG

Pestova 8 sq Ten, Pyatigorsk, 357500, Russia

I latest did a search for Russian mail-order scams and came across your webstek. I’m truly worried that I may be involved with someone who is not who they eis to be. Anna contacted mij via Match.com. She waterput mij on hier “Favorites” on Match.com I straks noticed she had two profiles going at merienda. I informed Match.com about Ten days ago, but have heard nothing from them. She explained to mij that a friend helped hier get on spil a Free Member. She claims to be 30 years of age and no children. She would almost always send mij Two pictures a day. She said that they were taken by a friend. There are a number of “crimson flags” which make mij think twice. However there are some things that make mij wonder if she “is for verdadero” Like a picture with someone who looks like they could be hier mother. Crimson Flags: No telephone strafgevangenis access to one? She claims to have bot “fasten” by a man she knew (within about 10-12 days of knowing hier). She has contacted a locorregional travel agency te hier hometown, yet they do not have a telephone? They quoted mij a price just under $1500. There Company is called “Kolumb” and the main smeris is Anna Konakova (Hummm?)

Agatan Gexosi 8 str,bld.37.apt.15. Armenia, Yerevan

I am single, and have no children. I have my profile on adultfriendfinder.com and that is where Tanya very first contacted mij. She asked mij to voeling hier on individual email address te the very first message. I made the mistake of doing so. Within two weeks she had fallen te love with mij and wasgoed asking mij for money for a cultural exchange program. She requested money to be sent to, Aivagyan Areg. Agatan Gexosi 8 str,bld.37.apt.15. Armenia,Yerevan. After thinking this wasgoed a scam I did some research and found hier photo on another webstek under a different name spil a known scammer. After asking hier about this she sent mij a email for hier fresh email address because she wasgoed te Moscow getting a stamp on hier passport. The address is [email protected] She has never contacted mij since then. I reported this to adultfriendfinder.com and they remover hier profile from the webstek.

Ukraine, Lugansk, Zarechny kvartal, 9 / 50

Tatiana Akinshina and scam agency QuestWay do translation fraud

Travel juut: “Max Travel” maxtravel-kotlas.narod.ru. Arkhangelsk, Kotlas, Kirov Street 76. Postal code 165300

Wij met on match.com

regulations. Hier very first time without work.

20 Pushkina Street, Apt. 34, Velsk, 165151, Russia

After researching antiscam records, I noticed that the stories for “Oksana Alekseeva, Kotlas, Russia” and “Elena Awdeeva, Gryazovets, Russia” were almost precies, word-for-word, identical practices to my own. If you are reading this now, I would take the time to read thesis stories. I will note the few exceptions te my story.

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