Robert Chambers: The Preppie Murderer

Jennifer Levin Shortly Before Hier Murder

Murder te Central Park

The odd case of The Preppie Murder took place way back ter 1986: four years before the country wasgoed shocked by the murders ofDan and Linda Broderick, and 23 years before the gruesome slaying of Travis Alexander at the forearms of his ex-girlfriend, Jodi Arias. Albeit the latter crimes of passion were enorme and disturbing, they certainly did not match the murder of Jennifer Levin ter central park when it came to mystery, violence, and a shockingly neerbuigend psychopath who made Betty Broderick seem modest and Jodi Arias seem clever. Robert Chambers wasgoed not an adroit trastornar, strafgevangenis wasgoed there any reason for people to feel sorry for him. The nation wasgoed outraged at his callus behavior and oddly shocking tales of kinky hookup te central park.

On a warm summer morning on August 26,1986 the bod of a youthfull lady wasgoed discovered by a cyclist ter Central park. This bicyclist would rail this same pattern every morning and the glance of a person lounging down wasgoed not very odd, but there wasgoed something disturbing about this one. It seemed alarmingly stiff. There wasgoed a few seconds te which she thought she wasgoed looking at a department store mannequin, just spil the woman who very first discovered the Black Dahlia’s bod during the winter of 1947 ter Hollywood had. She got off hier bike and walked toward the figure to find that the clothes were tangled up around the neck, and this youthfull chick appeared to have bot hammered, because there were strange crimson marks on hier neck.

This wasgoed at a time before cellular phones and the bike rider had to find a phone booth to call the police. Shortly after calling the police, an army of cops and detectives were on the toneel.

When the police and detectives examined the figure they assumed that they were looking at the assets of a hooker until they spotted hier expensive designer boots. This teenage lady had a wallet total of high schoolgebouw friends photos, and credit cards with a drivers license. They now had an identity. This wasgoed Legitimate year old Jennifer Levin who had just graduated from High Schoolgebouw a few months before earlier.

A few yards away on a low wall sat a beautiful youthfull man with nasty scrapes on his face watching the toneel unfold. A bystander who had become nosey about all the police and commotion asked this youthfull man what wasgoed happening. He casually said that he believed the police found a figure. They made petite talk about what they thought could have happened until going their separate ways.

When the police began questioning te effort to trace Levin’s footprints, they came across Robert Chambers, a strikingly luxurious man with fresh scrapes on his face, mitts and arms. He wasgoed cooperative and willing to help the police te any way that he could, even going to the park to help them figure out how she had become separated from hier friends.

When asked how he had gotten the scrapes, he said that his cat had done it. The police were instantaneously suspicious.

They brought Robert Chambers to the station and continued questioning him about the scrapes with Chambers confidently answering how each of the scrapes had happened.

The story wasgoed already on all the news programs and reporters were now clamoring at the police station to see if they could get some tidbits of information.

The police eventually broke Chambers down by telling that his story wasgoed ridiculous.

With the videotape machine recording, he, (6’Four” ) said that Five’Four” Jennifer Levin wasgoed hurting him sexually and ter an effort to defend himself he reached up and accidentally killed hier with one spank.

They booked Chambers on the spot, and the excited team of reporters slok dozens of photos of Chambers while hurling questions, “why did you kill hier.”

Robert Chambers has always stuck to the story that Levin’s death wasgoed an accident that happened ter an instant, but the horrific crime toneel photos tell another story. It appeared that Jennifer had fought hard for hier life due to the scrapes all overheen Chambers and Levin’s cracked finger penetrates. Hier assets wasgoed left cruelly exposed, with hier T-shirt hiked way up exposing hier breasts, and hier mini skirt pulled up around hier midbody. It seems that Jennifer’s blouse wasgoed used to strangle hier.

Ter a painful court trial Robert Chambers prayer bargain resulted ter a manslaughter charge te which he served 15 years.

The Chambers case received tremendous media coverage due to the fact that it wasgoed such a strange case, but also because it wasgoed one of the very first times ter which police vraaggesprek footage wasgoed played on the news. People actually spotted Robert Chambers say that he and Jennifer were out for some “rough lovemaking” and that it went too far, resulting te Jennifer’s accidental death.

Te 2003 Chambers had finished serving his term and has not bot out of trouble with the law since. He and his gf have bot arrested on more than one occasion for various drug charges.

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