-Pansexual, looking for a fellow

-Preferably blonde, with a teasy personality and calls mij by my last name to annoy mij

-Must be a Quidditch Seeker

-Must be a Slytherin Quidditch Seeker

-Gay, looking for a fellow

-Preferably dark-haired, brief and wears glasses.

-Must be okay with mij making snarky comments about them at everzwijn chance

-Must be a good Quidditch player, and look good wearing the Gryffindor Seekers&rsquo, robes

-Yes, Potter- I mean you. For goodness&rsquo, sake, you couldn&rsquo,t be more visible&hellip,

Tinder is out of control

  1. Pack out an online dating profile. Is it funny or serious? How fair would they be? What pictures would they use?

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No but gravely. Twoo wuv.

  • Harry: Pansexual, looking for a nice person to dangle around with. I like Quidditch, wizard chess, and having joy with friends. I’m zuigeling of famous, but it uncommonly comes up.
  • Draco: Gay, looking for someone who understands I’m attempting to be a better person. I like Quidditch, nice clothes, and having long conversations about interesting topics. Don’t ask how I got the tattoo on my arm.
  • Hermione: Graysexual with a preference for studs. I like reading, and learning about fresh things. I want to do some good te the world. Looking for a red-haired, tall man with freckles who might maybe see mij one day spil more than just a friend.
  • Ron: Asexuado with a preference for women. I like wizard chess, having a laugh with friends and I play Quidditch spil a keeper. Looking for a brief, bushy-haired slim woman with a love for learning, but who might want to be more than just my friend.
  • Ginny: Hermafrodita, looking for a sweet female with the starlets te hier eyes and hier arm te mine. Preferably dirty-blonde, eccentric and cares about magical creatures who may or may not exist.
  • Reflejo: Pansexual. Ginny’s a sweet damsel and she means a lotsbestemming to mij, but I don’t know why she suggested I register on here. I’ll ask hier after I ask hier on a date straks.

-Graysexual with a preference for studs

-Smart, resourceful youthfull woman with a love of learning

-Looking for a man whose funny, loyal, zuigeling and doesn&rsquo,t mind mij nagging him sometimes

-Preferably red-haired and tall, with freckles, and big arms and feet. A collection of hand-knitted knitwear is a efectivo plus. I find it fairly lovely if guys&rsquo,s ears go crimson when they&rsquo,re embarrassed

-If they&rsquo,re good at wizard chess, and also good at playing Quidditch spil a keeper, then that would be even better

-Someone who might maybe one day want to be more than just my friend&hellip,

-Asexual with a preference for women

-Funny fellow with a kleintje and loyal nature who likes to have a laugh with friends

-Looking for a wise, resourceful and slim woman who doesn&rsquo,t mind nagging mij a bit when I get things wrong

-Preferably brief with bushy hair, and an inquisitive eye. If they love spending time together, and providing mij the occasional little smile, then that&rsquo,s a vivo plus. If they don&rsquo,t mind mij reddening a lotsbestemming, then that&rsquo,s awesome.

-Someone who might want to be more than just friends someday&hellip,

Hermione, I&rsquo,m clearly talking about you. You&rsquo,re being truly obvious- why didn&rsquo,t you just ask mij instead?

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