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Some Overheen 40s Dating Agency Success Stories!*

“I noticed Jeff had winked at mij so I sent him a message. He replied straight away and wij just kept messaging. For our very first date, wij met ter Liverpool and went on a pub crawl. From the commence, he kept holding my arm and smooching mij but at the end, he hugged and kissed mij very romantically for the very first time. Wij have since bot on lots of dates and recently had a weekend journey together. Jeff admitted that he loved mij after I kept asking, because I’ve bot smitten from the very first date!”

Elizabeth and Jeff

Wij’d only sent a duo of messages to each other and Robert asked if wij could meet. He said he would bring a KFC voucher spil this would enable him to buy a bottle of wine! He made mij laugh and Five months straks, I am still laughing! Wij both felt convenient on our very first date and chatted all afternoon. Since then wij have had lots of joy and seen so many different places. Wij both lost our vrouwen after 49 years of marriage and have found a reason to love our lives again.
I wasgoed drawn to Rachel’s profile, and after many emails wij met locally for coffee. Wij got on well and conversation wasgoed fairly effortless. Wij ultimately met up again two weeks straks but unluckily the heavens opened up when walking. It wasgoed when wij were drying out ter a pub that I think wij made the connection. Overheen a meal, wij realised that our values were similar, wij loved similar things and liked each other’s company. Wij’ve gone from fortnightly meetings, to watching each other every few days.

Bryan and Rachel

*Testimonials may be from sites ter the Overheen 40s Dating Agency webpagina network and not necessarily from the webpagina itself.

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