Korean stuk

1. You like someone, who likes someone else, who conveniently happens to like you. It’s like a spider web of confusing love. And to make it worst, the person you like most likely will have romantic feelings for either a childhood sweet heart or a truly, truly older woman/man. How do you even challenge with thesis two category?

Two. The dude that likes you is wonderful, charming, well educated, stable, rich, and he adores you to the core entire heartedly. But you will always choose the asshole. You voorwaarde have stolen candy from a kind. Unluckily for you, that zuigeling wasgoed cupid. And now karma is a b***p.

Trio. It rains when you sob. At least you know farmers love you and spil long spil you still reside te that city, there’s never going to be a drought season. Your country needs you. Plus, whenever you’re sad, nothing helps drown away worries and sorrows better than hard on, pouring rain, right?

Four. You will most likely walk ter the pouring rain while sobbing. I don’t know why but it’s Korean physics that dark clouds go after people who sob. But what makes it toegevoegd amusing is your preparedness to walk Ter the rain instead of seeking shelter. A pathetic person should always emphasize how pitiful they are by walking leisurely ter the rain clutching their heart while sobbing furiously. If you want to go down with a verschrikt and add more dramatic effect, then get down on your knees ter the middle of the sidewalk while doing all of the above.

Five. You’ll faint from a fever. Fevers always make people feel woozy, hyper-ventilate and faint right? This happens ALLLL the time. (Most likely wasn’t the best idea to be mourning te the rain on the side walk like a maniac now, is it? )

6. You’ll most likely have a terminal illness or get into a car accident and have amnesia. But don’t worry, even with your cancer and numerous tumors or the excess chemotherapy treatments, you’ll still always keep your luxurious hair and sleek skin. Just dab on a little avellana lipstick and slightly less concealer and you’re good to go! Everyone looks this beautiful with cancer.

7. You’ll meet and fall ter love with a cool, slim, well educated, sensitive, fair, loyal, dedicated, and SINGLE man. Oh, and he’s a Chaebol. Just for people who don’t know what a Chaebol is. Well. they make businessmen and entrepreneurs like Donald Trump look like sh!t ter comparison. Thesis dudes are so filthy rich with so many international enterprises that it may take a entire dozen other article to list their netwerk worth and they can very likely build another Dubai. And you’ll be the fortunate woman to win the heart of this one of a zuigeling staaltje. This is like winning Ten lottery tickets te one day and surviving the Titanic.

8. You run towards the airport te utter on anxiety attack, searching frantically for your departing paramour. This is your last chance to express your feelings to the one you love and you may never be able to see them again if you don’t. You run through intersections and highways, steal a stranger’s cars and almost miss killing a dozen people on the way. And guess what? NO COPS! Sweet! Then you run frantically through the airport screaming, weeping, and yelling your paramour’s name until you eventually find them just spil they are about to inject the prohibited gate. What a heck of timing you have there. . I’m going to make a bold suggestion, but maybe next time, attempt using something called “a cellphone?”

9. You’re truly poor. Can’t afford eggs kinda poor. . And you have an Iphone/Samsung/android phone. It’s amusing how you are fighting through life. hardly able to afford rent or food. And during extreme cases, you are whoring around low status caf and districts, but for some miracle by the Korean gods, you have the most luminous hairstyles, indeed nice waterput together garments, expensive handbag, witnesses, AND an android (most likely requires a gegevens project) phone.

Ten. Spil you walk out the voort, you turn back with slight tears te your eyes, a generous, genuine smile spreads across your face, and your hair rolls back flawlessly. . You’re going to diegene. You know you’re about to be killed off for the sake of mankind when you uitgang a toneel with dramatically sad music and you get your last Five seconds of limelight to bash ter all the glorious beauty that is you. Love it while you can cause your emerging death is coming te the next toneel. And if wij all know Korean schouwspel, it’s going to be a indeed painful, dramatic death.

11. *(recently added)* BIG AGE GAPS. Love ain’t no getting the way of love for Koreans. Newest dramas like “I love Italy/Lee Tae Ri” or “BIG” or ” Flower boy tellen shop,” all incorporate sick, put-you-to-jail-if-you-lived-in-North-America types of love. Now I’m not against age when it comes to love, but that big age difference should come AFTER, when the person is far more reglamentario. Say pass 21? 22? Come on, humour mij stuk! Give mij something pass high schoolgebouw students to help ease my mind that my little boy isn’t losing his virginity to his 10-years-older huis slagroom teacher. If I everzwijn live ter Korea, I’m going to make sure I huis schoolgebouw! Or actually, during old age, I would undoubtedly go to Korea to look for suitors =p bwuahahah!

I would recommend watching “I love Italy/Lee Tae Ri” to see the big age gap te total gargled light. The kid, who is 14 years old Ter the schouwspel, falls te love with a women 14 years his seniors. Yup, that makes hier 28 years old, dating a 14 years old, smooching a 14 years old, dating a 14 years old. This would get you waterput te the gutters where I come from, but hey, that’s just North America right?

There you have it folks. Just ter case one day any of thesis things or ALL of thesis things commence happening to you, then most likely you’re being followed by a speelfilm squad and director from Korea meddling with your fate and fate. This is how you can tell you’re ter a Korean Schouwspel. 🙂

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