Several documents on internet fraud, dating scam, inheritance scam and other types of scam existing ter Ghana are listed. There are about 25 Government-based and Educational sites that report cases on different scams occurring te Ghana.

Ghana Popular Scams

The type of scam is most noted since many decades ter online dating. The majority of scammers who involve ter this process have Nigeria and Ghana spil their native hence it is specially noted spil Ghana scams and Ghana scammers.

  • Plane Toegangsbewijs & Visa Scam
  • Plane toegangsbewijs and visa scam is another common type of scam that occurs te dating scam. Fraudsters lure you to meet and te terugwedstrijd ask the victims to deposit money te the canap account so that they can come to meet. But merienda the victims deposit the money the fraudsters vanish leaving no clue for the victim to realize how to get back the lost money from them.

  • Medical Emergency Scam
  • Medical Emergency scam is carried out usually on online dating websites. The scammer very first attempts to develop a good unie with the target and attempts to know the user personally. After a certain period of dating, the scammer uses sympathy spil a weapon and asks for money spil a medical emergency and promises to pay back the user. Merienda the money is received, there is no trace of the scammer.

  • Nigerian 419 Scam
  • The Nigerian 419 Scam exists round the world overheen a very long time and is known spil the advance toverfee fraud. It is also popularly referred spil Nigerian money suggest, the Spanish prisoner etc.

  • Fake Police Scam
  • Fake police scam is perverse among other frauds te Ghana. The very first thing most scam victims do is they voeling police te the hope that they can regain their lost belongings by catching the person who duped them.

  • Cashing Money Order Scam
  • Fake police scam is perverse among other frauds ter Ghana. The very first thing most scam victims do is they voeling police ter the hope that they can regain their lost belongings by catching the person who duped them.

  • Lottery Scams
  • Lottery scam is one the popular Ghana scams hits top ter making thick community fall spil victims. The type of scam spreads round exponentially such that one te three people will come across those fake lottery claims.

  • Phony Inheritance Scam
  • This type of scam is so diplomatic, scammers armed with fake identities revolve around you acquiring inheritance that you have no previous skill of. The motive of thesis Ghana Scammers is to pull out money spil much spil they can from the virginal people.

  • Disaster Ease Scam
  • Te times of disaster like tsunami, wervelstorm, or an earthquake, people do help others with funds ter saving their livelihood. Scammers on taking advantage of those crises they tend set up scam charity institutions to stekje money from people who want help the victims.

  • Business Investment Scam
  • Business investment scam is the popular one among Ghana frauds where the scammer ensures providing phat benefits ter attracting their potential victims. People often look to invest their hard earned money ter an investment option that fetches them large comebacks.

  • Ghana Romance Scam
  • Scammers attempt out various illegal deeds ter targeting the potential victims making them originally build trust that most likely will end up ter claiming fat sum from those victims.

    Scam Warning Signs

    1. Currency for &quot,emergencies&quot, The Nigerian/Ghana Emergency Scam Currency for &quot,emergencies&quot, The Nigerian/Ghana Emergency Scam.
    2. Someone requires to share a fortune The Nigerian 419 Scam.
    3. The bogus Kidnap Scam.
    4. Cashing money orders.
    5. Witness out for forged profiles.

    &quot,Check for a trustworthy webstek. And don’t everzwijn send your private credit card account details & speld number to anyone.&quot,

    Here you can inject the email or the voeling number that you suspect to be a scam. This instrument checks it with our spam database list and ensures you whether the email or the phone number is a positivo or bogus one.

    Various Facets of Ghana Scam :

    Ghana Job Scam :

    Online Classifieds Scam :

    Ghana Fake Inheritance Scam :

    Ghana Phishing Scam :

    What is different about Ghana phishing scam?

    Phishing emails that are suspected to be from Ghana are mainly mails of ecommerce websites that send away phishing emails to vast number of users. Thesis emails request you to confirm your email address and verify your bankgebouw account information. The ultimate motive is to acquire user’s individual information via webstek that emerges to be legitimate to the user. Scammers from Ghana use all types of phishing technics te order to make a scam operation successful.

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