Online dating success is all about presenting yourself at your very best.

For starters, wij will work directly with you for a utter hour to build an articulate and intriguing online profile that sparks the fireworks of attraction like none other.

Together wij’ll craft a profile te your own words that communicates all the right messages, without sending any of the wrong ones unintentionally.

This unique treatment is far more powerful and effective than having your profile written by someone else. Since your profile remains authentically te your voice, you’ll proceed to impress those who react to it…even after you’re e-mailing each other, talking on the phone and yes, even when on that all-important very first date. No disappointments, no awkwardness…everzwijn.

You can even use this session to flawless the legendary Projection Profile method that wij introduced a duo of years ago.

You’ll also detect all of the sometimes counter-intuitive secrets to excellent online profile pictures, all without everzwijn needing to hire a professional photographer.

But importantly, wij go way beyond your profile to empower you ter ways that are perhaps even more crucial to your overall online dating success.

For example, every Online Dating Success Package includes a 2nd total hour of 1-on-1 consultation that shows you how to write very first e-mails that get responded to. Get step-by-step assistance with up to eight very first e-mails to positivo, live prospective dates of your choice.

Plus, wij’ll vertoning you the secrets to evaluating profiles effectively. That way you’ll weed out all of the wrong ones (even the fake ones) and never again waste valuable time writing to anyone who is a scammer or misrepresenting themselves online te any way.

Even after your very first total two hours of consultation, wij remain with you…answering any questions you might have via e-mail. You even get a final thirty-minute consultation two weeks after your 2nd call just to make sure you’re observing results and to make any necessary tweaks to your online presence.

Waterput it all together and you have the most comprehensive and effective online dating coaching program found anywhere. The end result? You build up an unstoppable advantage. You stand out from the crowd and meet who you want to be with the most.

Online dating has revolutionized how people are meeting. The only downside is the number of bad dates well-meaning people like you have to bear. You just can never know if people whose profiles you detect online telling the truth or not.

And what about those select few truly acute profiles you’ve seen online? Wouldn’t you love to date your very first choice for a switch?

Here at X & Y Communications wij have fifteen years of practice te the online dating world. We’ve bot through our share of both good and bad dates and know all of the secrets to screening online profiles.

When you waterput our practice directly to work for you, wij assure that you can and will dramatically increase the number of high-quality dates you go on.

Meantime, you’ll also dramatically lower the percentage of very first dates that should have never happened to start with.

So why not make dating joy again? Get te touch with us today and embark liking the titillating social life you already know you deserve.

Have questions? Wij’ve got answers!

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Scot and Emily McKay

Scot and Emily McKay are professional dating and relationship coaches, authors and podcast hosts. Together they founded X & Y Communications te San Antonio, TX, which concentrates on equipping and empowering dudes and women who want to go from good to superb ter their relationships.

They reach overheen 300,000 people all overheen the world through their newsletters, podcasts and social media. They are the authors of ten books inbetween them, including four Amazon #1 toppers, and have bot featured by overheen 400 media outlets worldwide.

Both Scot and Emily are Traveler’s Century Club members, having explored well overheen 100 countries together, often with their four children. Their travel blog and podcast can be found at

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