Where to Buy Kathy Van Zeeland Bags

“Kathy Bags” spil I call them can be purchased at numerous places:


Burlington Cover Factory

Even sites like eBay and Amazon.com!

Fresh Contra Pre-Owned

Is there indeed an advantage to buying a Fresh Kathy Van Zeeland Bag contra a Pre-Owned bag? Well YES and NO.

The Voor’s of buying a brand fresh bag are that you’re getting a fresh proefje (not an outdated one), you don’t have to worry about wear-and-tear and you are sure to get all of the “accessories” the bag is manufactured to come with.

The “Cons” of buying a Fresh Kathy bag is basically limited to only the cost being more.

Fresh Kathy Bags Online

Does Your Kathy Bag Hold Its Value?

When making a Kathy Van Zeeland Purse Purchase, I like to aim for Limited Edition bags. For example, fur covered snow leopard, a crazy metallic or a bag that indeed says “WOW!”. I intentionally choose thesis bags because (besides mij LOVING them!) they have the highest resale value when I am ready to “budge on” to a fresh bag. Spil you will see from eBay listings – a Zonderling Kathy Bag can sell for fairly a bit of metselspecie!

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    Should You Buy a Kathy Bag from a &quot,Discount Store&quot,?

    Some discount stores sell “budget kathy bags”, this is typically because the bag is from “seasons past” or has some form of flaw. The flaw could be that it wasgoed returned to a chain-store because something wasgoed wrong with it (a scrape te the patent leather or a zip strip that “rams”) or the flaw could be te the manufacturing overall (bad stitching, snap-closure wont stay shut, etc).

    So while you MAY believe you are getting a Fine Overeenkomst, you just might not be!

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