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During a topic of conversation about feelings the stud I wasgoed watching said he had no rente te meeting my family and that he didn’t want to introduce mij to his family. I only know one member of his family and that is through a mutual friend. I think it’s because I’ve told him how my family treats mij ter comparison to my brother which my brother is treated better and he doesn’t see that spil fair for mij and ter terugwedstrijd does not like my parents. He doesn’t feel convenient with mij meeting his family either for some reason and has not told anyone about mij. Is there a way to switch this mindset?

Bad signs. Walk away, he’s not into you.

How long are you together? It is, indeed, a bad sign. If you are latest, then maybe meeting his family is too early, but not telling anyone about you is certainly a bad sign.

Sounds like another shady fuckboy.

Walk away and find someone who’s proud to showcase you off.

I do think that is a pretty puny sliver of your life to comment on. Overall it sounds shady, but te the scheme of things what does your relationship look like? How long together, is he courting you, do you feel secure ter the relationship, is he committed, etc, etc.

Just keep your eyes open. You know when something does not feel good.

No, you can’t switch his mindset, only he can.

what is your specific relationship status? I’d say it’s a 90% sure fire indication that he sees zero future with you. But wij don’t have enough information to say anything undoubtedly.

“Is there a way to switch this mindset?”

I think there are two problems here assuming you both want to establish a meaningful relationship.

The very first being if he wants a meaningful relationship with you he is going to have to interact with your parents to *some* extent down the road. Te life you are going to have to work with people you dislike sometimes. Even if you have a good reason to dislike them. Refusing to meet them at all sounds to mij like a person who can’t make the most out of hard situations.

Same reason for the 2nd problem…why does he not want you to meet his parents?

I would not be looking to switch his mind. I would be switching my mind about him.

Nope. Walk away. He’s just providing you BS reasons so that you stick around on his terms. He does not want anything serious. Seems like a classic f*ckboy!

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