I classify myself spil a nice lady. I wasgoed (and still am) a Christian, pretty much an introvert, quiet, didn’t have my very first smooch until I wasgoed 15 and didn’t commence having hook-up until 24. I slightly went out to clubs and caf and things of nature. I wasgoed and still am a homebody, so where I’m from, wij call that a good chick. Even however I have always bot reasonably physically attractive, I wasn’t the lady that guys were going crazy overheen. The guys were into the wild chicks—the ones that were partying it up, sexing it up, and being the talk of the town.

It wasgoed always the feisty and “fast” ladies that were the most popular te schoolgebouw. Thesis were the same type of women that guys loved ter high schoolgebouw were pretty much the type that guys loved across my twenties. Wasgoed I bothered by that? Of course it bothered mij. Sure, I wasgoed getting some attention from guys, but I felt spil tho’ I wasgoed the 2nd (or maybe even third) option. If a fellow wasgoed talking to a good chick, it wasgoed usually because the bad chicks didn’t want him or they just dreamed to use us for hook-up, and that bothered mij a loterijlot.

I’m sure the nice guys can relate, being that many of them have bot passed up for bad boys since forever. But evidently, guys are no fonder of nice damsels than women are of nice guys. I didn’t embark to understand why until I got into my mid-twenties.

Bad Damsels Just Wanna Have Joy

Dudes and women like bad ladies and bad boys for the same reason—excitement. Relationships are not all about love, it’s also about entertainment. People don’t want to be ter love, yet be bored with the one they’re ter love with. They want mental and emotional stimulation, and it is possible that nice guys and nice women just don’t stimulate others te the way that the bad boys/chicks do.

Let mij explain. Bad damsels are not bashful. They are bold, open, and willing to talk and share a lotsbestemming of themselves with a man. Maybe they share a little too much too soon, but still, they are engaging. Why? Because they don’t care what anyone thinks of them. Wij have so many people of our generation who are interesting people, but they are afraid to socialize and engage intimately with others because of their social anxieties. They are always thinking, “What will they think about mij? Will they think I’m weird? Will they judge mij?” This kleuter of thinking gives you a disadvantage te the dating world, even if you are a good person. People need to be engaged by their love rente, and if you can’t do this, you’re going to run into problems.

The bad chicks and bad boys have something that a loterijlot us of wish wij had, and that’s a “free spirit”. There is something attractive about a person who does what they want, says what they want despite what may or may not be considered spil acceptable behavior. This is an attractive trait because it’s so uncommon. Most of us just don’t seem to be able to do this ourselves. Wij cannot bring ourselves to be that free, therefore wij are fascinated with those who can.

From Nice to Noticed

Imagine how you would engage with others had you not bot worried about judgement? It would be a spel changer, wouldn’t it? This is what wij nice chicks should be aspiring to do. Now, it doesn’t mean you have to go out there and get crazy, but you should at least attempt to be more comfy with yourself so you can engage with others at a more advanced level. This wouldn’t just help you te your dating life, but it will help you ter your career life too. The relationship that you have with yourself greatly influences the relationships you build with others. If you’re awkward, timid or insecure, you’re going to be at the grace of those who aren’t. Do yourself a protección, and get convenient with yourself. Be un-apologetically you, and you will get noticed.

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