I guess thesis sites of misrepresentation will just go on forever . Tonight I just typed on Google, &quot,Faith Reaper on Hubpages&quot, and spil I scrolled down, I found many sites that state just that, but have nothing to do with my writing or any linksom to my hubs. They are misrepresenting mij spil Faith Reaper on HubPages for whatever reason. It is truly disturbing. Here are the ones I found, and then I just talent up on scrolling down further: movie swamp dot biz, hair plus dot nipt, and ayoping dot come .

I found the same thing happened to mij yesterday where websites took the titles of many of my articles and added them to their name making the verbinding go to them and not my sites. How are wij to control this? Could this be the reason why our traffic hasn’t bot what it should? Just wondering.

Hi favored, it is disturbing all of those who copy and steal. Thesis that I have found are awful being they are claiming my name but they are not mij and nothing I write! So they are not using my verbinding (s) but just my name on HP , and making it emerge I have written something I have not!

This webpagina is temporarily unavailable.

Its gegevens and content are 100% secure. Please check back soon.

If you own this webpagina, please call customer support at

I went to the above webpagina with my name on it, how do wij zekering this.

That’s the godaddy support number. The host, ter other words, and they are telling that if you own the webpagina you need to call them to get access.

I hope they have if they are misrepresenting others on their webpagina!

Fairly possible. A reputable host takes such things gravely, and I’ve had godaddy shut down entire sites because I filed a DMCA with them. It’s part of why I usually go to the hosting company rather than the webpagina holder.

Thank you so much, wilderness, for sharing of your success with such issues! That is a good idea about the hosting company. I am glad to know they take things earnestly too.

Wilderness, How do I find out who is doing this, I just went to Google typed ter my name and it went to a dating webpagina with this message:

Resplandor woud dengan saya Devi Paramita, selamat datang di www.Bwin368.com Agen Taruhan Judi Terbaik Di Indonesia yang siap melayani anda 24 Jam Utter Support!

That is terrible, Shyron! I have gotten to the point that I am afraid to type my name te and look. There were just one right after the other down the line that said, &quot,Faith Reaper on HubPages&quot, and then it wasgoed a webpagina not even related to mij and articles that were not written by mij! This is flat-out misrepresentation.

Same thing here, Faith. I scrolled down the Google list and found dozens of sites signifying themselves spil PegCole17 and when you click on the listig it takes you to an advertisement. I reported some on Google but it is discouraging. It is up to us to report with a DMCA and that is an endless undertaking.

You would think Google would want this taken down if they own HP thesis people are taking money from Google.

I know, Shyron, it is so upsetting to mij, just for the mere misrepresentation of oneself when a webpagina has nothing to do with mij! I am not sure there is anything one can do to totally zekering such unsettling misrepresentation and, to mij, fraud! I don’t mind anyone linking any hub of mine, so that people will come back to my hub that I have written but to waterput te parenthesis &quot,Faith Reaper on HubPages&quot, when it is not mij . is just wrong. I am sure by now, there are most likely more and more sites with such misrepresentation. Maybe if wij complain to Google about all the fake sites. I am clueless spil to why they would waterput my user name on those sites along with HubPages when they have nothing to do with anything I write?

Also Google Shopping &gt,&gt, hollister hoodies boys ngBK9Mox .

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