hi, I’m fresh hear can any one help mij how to make Ten dollars vanaf day please

$Ten a day doesn’t sound much but it’s not effortless to achieve. Most hubbers earn nowhere near that.

Actually, you can earn $Ten vanaf day from your Hubs without either of those things. I’m not sure where Susana is getting hier gegevens but you need to develop your own gegevens based on your own Hubs’ show overheen time if you are going to set earnings goals.

Susana is one of the most successful persons ter the history of this webstek.

So is Relache. If they don’t agree, it’s because a difference te their individual gegevens. Such things toebijten.

Relache isn’t doubting Susana’s success. She’s questioning the source of hier gegevens.

When I wasgoed fresh here, Susana helped mij and wasgoed very friendly about it – the other one wasgoed not interested. I don’t doubt Susana, I doubt someone who questions a helpful person for some sort of jr. high status nonsense.

Well spoken I like the way you think

Relache is very ongezouten te hier comments, which I have always appreciated. I think both commenters are helpful– and they may each have different approaches. Perhaps it proves that there is more than one way to skin the proverbial cat.

Spil for the innovador question, I KNOW it is possible to earn ten dollars ter a day, but those days are few and far inbetween for most of us, especially for a fresh hubber.

This can be achieved but it will take a lotsbestemming of writing to do so.

Write spil many good hubs spil you can and eventually after a few months you will see some progress with your earnings.

I agree with Susana that you should write some sales hubs too. If done right you will be able to earn commission on your Amazon sales which will boost your earnings here.

Attempt to do content. Write for iwriter. You can earn more than that a day. Good luck!

Write an awful loterijlot of hubs on topics that an awful loterijlot of people search for

Yeah ! Getting 5000 visitor vanaf day how it possible ?

One hub that gets 5000 visits vanaf day, 5000 hubs that get one visit vanaf day, or something te inbetween.

And that’s the reality of it!

Brilliant! Now I only need to write about Four,900 more hubs– and get someone to look at them.

To fantasy the unlikely wish.

What about Adsense and Hubpage ?

I have bot on this thing the last two years and from what I observe, there are a number of very good writers who can make tons of money from sites like HubPages. But they are only few.

If you have tons of good Hubs and Ninja skill levels ter SEO and article marketing to drive traffic to them, I suppose it might be possible — but still not very likely — to achieve that amount daily.

Hectare, mij too. I get stable penny trickles and every now and again some clicks, but that $100 payout is daunting.

It would most likely help to do some probe on SEO.

Oh, heck yeah. I do slew well with Hubpages Ads. Adsense is just a side benefit.

I’ve made well overheen a hundred dollars te a day here. but for the most part, I media maybe three dollars a day. You should write some very very good product articles, reviews of products you know a Lotsbestemming about, and can expound upon ter a thorough and authoritative manner – while using both amazon and ebay linksom.

diligence, high quality content that people are searching for, concentrate on social media spil much if not more than attempting to appease fickle Google. I work on developing content people find &quot,shareable&quot, and this gets my views up more than keyword research. I’d rather write what I know.

I recommend just hopping ter and writing articles about things you know about (truly well.) Don’t write about a topic just because you hear it makes money.

I wonder what the heck happened there?

Weh, the poster got banned te HP! What happened? There is indeed no brief cut to earning money. You have to do it the hard way. If you want to earn big bucks, better find employment, go into business, or do content right and left. You never win if you spel the system.

I reading the comments here to help the seƱor make his $Ten.00 vanaf day. One of the posts mentions iwriter. What is this?

Being that I am pretty fresh here, I’m still learning.

Susana said you would &quot,need&quot, 500 pageviews or sales of $150 of goods vanaf day to earn $Ten from your Hubs te a day.

Ok guys this is how I worked out my figures

Makes sense. I still attempt to keep things fairly ordinary. For mij, consistently adding and improving contents make numbers leisurely creep ter the right direction.

Susana How do you use your own affiliate linksaf here on HP? I did not know you could do so. Please advise.

There’s no special trick at work here, timetraveler2. If you look at Susana’s hubs, you won’t see anything that shows up out of the ordinary.

I don’t see something that is permitted, and helps the reader, spil gaming the system.

&quot,Your own affiliate linksom&quot, are very likely the wrong words to use. I should have said other affiliate networks.

This all sounds too &quot,iffy&quot, to mij. so I’ll just make do. I wasgoed just nosey about t his, however, because I never knew writers could do this! Thanks for the informatie

It’s not iffy lol. You’re already using affiliates with your Amazon and ebay capsules.

Have you considered panhandling. works for mij.

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