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Potencial Dating Assistants (ViDA) helps fellows, who don’t have the time to do it themselves, attract women online. ViDA functions spil an outsourced online dating service that takes care of the various stages of the online dating process for its clients.

Founded by Scott Valdez, the company consists of dating specialists that take care of doing all of the online dating work for you, including:

– Sifting through dating profiles

– Treating communication and responses

– Creating professional and attractive profiles

– Finding women that match your criteria

– Supplying you with dates (the setup)

Five different packages are suggested through the webpagina:

Incapable to afford the services, but want to learn online dating

Profile Writing Package:

Get a professionally-crafted, magnetic profile while taking care of your own online dating

Minimal costs te order to attempt the services and get dates delivered to you on a monthly voet

Two to five dates delivered to you vanaf month

For those wanting a totally automated dating life and a calendar utter of dates


Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Package options include:

ViDA will invest 20 hours into:

– Setting up your online dating profile

– Creating a shortlist of candidates

– Setting up dates

Cost: $380 vanaf month

A 40-hour ViDA investment of searching for a month’s supply of dates, with a ondergrens ensure of Two dates with pre-approved women every month.

Initial cost: $200 + $760 vanaf month

An 80-hour ViDA investment ter your dating life each month. For the man who wants to instantly find the woman of his desires or the adventurous man who longs for the company of many women. A assured ondergrens of Four dates with pre-approved women each month.

Initial cost: $200 + $1520 vanaf month

A cost-efficient way to ViDA creating a professional and attractive profile for you.

Cost: $147 (one-time payment)

Train to meet women online and learn the strategies for writing magnetic profiles to meet women online

Cost: $97 (one-time payment)

What You Get:

Online dating services

Assure / Terms:

Refer to webpagina for ensure based on each package suggested.

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