My hilarious and true stories of online romance scammers. Read my blog and learn how to spot them. NEVER SEND MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU DON’T KNOW.

Help mij get on the Ellen Demonstrate!!

I am a enormous fan of Ellen DeGeneres. What I like is she has vivo people doing positivo things on hier showcase. I am a vivo person and I love my blog. I think it’s significant what I do. While… Read More &rsaquo,

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He caved! He admitted guilt! Then still wants to be friends. Are you kidding mij??

So after my last postbode I thought I would check to see if this man wasgoed on Facebook and sure enough he is. The actual one. I did message him and toevluchthaven’t heard back. And for your reading pleasure… BLOCKED… Read More &rsaquo,

Fabian Christopher update

I just wished to let you know I heard from the vivo Fabian Christopher on Facebook. A co worker of mine read my blog and witnessed him on Facebook and sent him a private message about someone on twitter using… Read More &rsaquo,

WARNING: Fake Tyler Perry Facebook pagina

I love Tyler Perry. I love his movies. His movies are entertaining and actual. And of course the beloved Madea. Who doesn’t love hier? Well the other day I got a friend request from Tyler Perry on facebook. I knew… Read More &rsaquo,

“I’m a sailor and I have apartment te Syria.” Yeh right.

Ok, I toevluchthaven’t had a sailor te a long time. I mean online of course. ?? I think he’s my 2nd. Majority are ter the army. You fools, impersonating our military. Shame on you! I like sharing thesis screen shots… Read More &rsaquo,

“I feel like an interrogator on this one”

Yes I do. I just beginning firing questions and didn’t zekering. LOL! I read it now and I laugh out noisy.

“It’s Fabian – Turn mij Liberate. ”

No it’s not the singer from the 50 and 60’s. LOL! This is the newest te a long line of liars. I think maybe I am hopping on them too soon. I guess it depends what mood I am ter. … Read More &rsaquo,

“Yes I know you. Faker!”

This wasgoed a joy one. My fresh story where I pretend like I know him. LOL.

“You have pretty eyes, who did you get them from?” I got them at Walmart.

The pick up lines proceed, but this wasgoed a different. I do have good eyes!! LOL.

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