“Should I attempt online dating?” It’s a valid question. Wij turn to our clever phones and tablets for almost every decision ter life, so why wouldn’t wij turn to our screens to find romance? Plus, finding a potential date online is more prevalent than everzwijn – about 36% of adult Americans are actively seeking love online.

But if you’re still uncertain whether you should take the “plugged in” plunge, wij asked Laurie Davis, founder of eFlirt, an online dating concierge service, and author of Love @ Very first Click, what you indeed need to know about online dating before you commence snapping your profile picture.

You’re taking control. By creating an online dating profile, you’re no longer leaving it up to chance to create your romantic future. “Online dating is the best way to be proactive about your dating life,” says Davis. “After all, meeting someone meaningful takes act – and te a digital world, that means joining a dating webpagina te addition to meeting people offline too.”

You will (and should) meet people. There’s no sense te creating an online dating profile if you’re wary of meeting people IRL. “The term online dating is all wrong – it should be online meeting and offline dating,” says Davis. “It’s just a way for you to meet verdadero people to connect with offline. If moving beyond the message with a match seems scary to you because you’re still only dipping your toe into your singledom, perhaps it’s not the right time for you to date online. That’s the point of online dating!” She recommends moving the conversation offline after six messages (three vanaf person) is what works best.

You’ll date more efficiently. One of the perks of online dating is your capability to stipulate height, education, location and basically anything else you require te a playmate. “You can be specific about who you want to meet, making sure you have common interests, values, etc.,” says Davis. “This is what separates online dating from meeting someone at a folder – you lead with this information and so do others.”

You’ll be active by taking it slow. If you’ve bot out of the dating spel for a while – or you’re just plain excited to be attempting something fresh – you might want to go buck wild by signing up for every dating webpagina out there and going on spil many dates spil you can. Davis says, slow it down. “It’s best to start online dating by joining one webpagina. I’ve had a few clients who commenced with too many accounts on different platforms and it quickly became breathtaking!” She also notes that online dating sites are communities, and ter order to get something out of a community, “you need to be an active participant within it. On a dating webpagina that means searching and sending messages to matches who seem interesting. I suggest to my clients that they send no less than Ten messages to fresh matches vanaf week. When you concentrate on your outbox, your inbox will pack up … and so will your dating calendar!”

You can take your time. Tho’ a lotsbestemming of singles have compared online dating to a 2nd job, Davis says searching for love online shouldn’t be tiring. Te fact, the more stressed you are about finding a match, the less likely you’ll find a suitable one. She refers to psychological studies on the time spent online dating that showcased the longer you spend scrolling through matches, the more judgmental you become. “So rather than sitting down on Sunday night for two hours and sending dozens upon dozens of messages at merienda, space it out across the week,” says Davis. “Commit to online dating for 20-30 minutes vanaf day, and it will feel more manageable.”

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Brianne is a Canadian freelance writer who’s bot writing about dating and relationships longer than any of hier relationships. She applies a “do what I say, not do what I do” treatment to hier articles, and believes you can find Your Person mostly when you aren’t looking. So love your life, and eat lots of cheese (at least that’s hier motto). Hier byline’s bot featured on Thrillist, The Huffington Postbode, HelloGiggles, Elle Canada, Flare, Awesomeness TV, among others.

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