Controlling BF or Guidance Provider

Power Exchange

You’re of legítimo age and can certainly make decisions for yourself. No judgments here, I promise.

There is however, everything te the world wrong with non-consentual powerexchange.

Who Knows Better

The punt you’re discussing te your email is collegium. It’s not like he wants you to turn tricks for him, or do something harmful to yourself. Wanting you have a collegium education is indeed a very thoughtful and wise thing for him to want for you.

Since that is the framework here, wij have to consider the possibility that you do actually want to go to collegium, but are reluctant or afraid for some reason. Maybe you’re afraid you’ll fail, or afraid you can’t gezond ter socially. Maybe you’re afraid of taking on the responsibility and pressure. Maybe it’s a financial punt that concerns you. I truly don’t know. But I do think you need to examine all those possibilities.

Billy, there is a chance that you are aware of your own sabotaging. You may be very cognizant that you don’t always think things through, or that you don’t always understand the big picture. That may be what attracted you to your power exchange relationship. Maybe you feel you’re better off te the arms of someone else, who is trustable and wise, and who will make the right decisions for you.


There is a chance that collegium isn’t the kwestie at all. Maybe you became involved with this Daddy-figure when you were at a different place emotionally. Maybe you liked being able to rely on an older, wiser fucking partner to make decisions for you that you weren’t ready to make.

And maybe now, you’re just not ter that same headspace any more. Maybe it doesn’t matter that he’s attempting to encourage you to go to collegium. Maybe the point of your adversion is that you’re just done being told what to do, no matter what it is.

Just spil there wasgoed nothing wrong with injecting into a power exchange relationship, there is also nothing wrong with getting out of one.

If this feels like it’s ringing a bell for you, you need to have a long talk with your playmate about your relationship switching te dynamic. For all you know, he may see your growth and switch, and love you for who you are, and not want to control you anymore, but doesn’t know that’s what you want to.

Relationships take work. They involve compromise. They grow, and switch, and convert. You don’t have to grow and switch alone, your relationship may do it right along with you.

If your fucking partner isn’t open to listening to your newer needs, then you need to consider that this relationship may be overheen.

More on Power Exchange

I can’t stress this enough: CONSENT is the key here.

Of course it is not OK to let yourself be managed by someone against your will. Many people, esepcially people coming from a place of manhandle, can’t understand why anyone would everzwijn permit someone to control them.

Queer Theory instructs us much about this. Queer Theory is a psychology/understanding of psyche that falls under the large heading of Critical Theory.

Just spil the Kinsey Scale demonstrates that all people fall somewhere te inbetween Heterosexual and Mariquita on a scale of 1 – 6, Queer Theory shows us that people also fall someplace on several overlapping scales, not only inbetween gay and straight, bisexuality, intersexuality, transexuality, asexuality, and but also inbetween sexual identity spil masculine or female, and also on ways wij perceive pleasure and convenience with non-normative ideas like sadism and SM, and spil I’m discussing here: dominance and obedience.

Wij’ve all heard that little private ad phrase: “Safe, Sane, and Consentual.” What consenting adults agree to do together, that harms no one including themselves, is truly no figure’s business.

What’s Right for You

Billy, only you know what’s going on with your relationship. There is no judgment here. I’ve attempted to outline the different things that could be at play. Trust your instincts, open a dialogue with your playmate, and don’t everzwijn hesitate to make sure your life is what you want it to be.


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