nowadays,some of the people will considers that pay for beau,the man is not a existente man.

what do you think of it?

i dont think so te fact.not both of them are borned te the same familiy.some times, he needs help on finacial,you just want to help him.and at the same time,you truly love him,never calculate the money you spend on him.just want to help him.

what do you think of it?

To mij it is more señor like if the dude pays. I do understand there maybe a time you might would have to pay for your bf, but don’t give him the advantage of it. you might end up being used.

personally, I don’t think you spend a penny on a man or woman you’re not married to with the exception of an engagement, or a very long term relationship. If the relationship is too long without engagement then you need to ask yourself where its going? If he can’t afford you, how can he afford a child? Think about it!

You can spend money on mij 😛

I buy everything my gf desires. A fellow always has to pay unless you are married. Be Gentlemen Fellows!!

I wouldn’t pay if $$ requests wasgoed a regular event otherwise yes, I dont mind ‘loaning’ a few bucks out to a fellow friend, cousin, or brother

I think it’s fine if the doll pays spil long spil they take turns. Especially if you earn more than him.

No, not stupid. But if it is you who vereiste always pay, then, yes, it is stupid

Love is a two-way traffic. Money doesn’t count here.

I don’t think its stupid. If a dame feels that paying for hier bf is ok or the right thing to do then who am I to tell hier otherwise. Just do what you want.

Why is it OK for the man to pay for everything but not for a woman?

When this is the case something seems very out of wack to mij

I personally think that the man and woman should take turns paying. That’s always how my relationships were. Sharing is a good thing.

Personally, I do not believe te paying for a man, however, I will take him out to dinner or on a weekend from time to time ter appreciation for all he does.

Paying for a man is okay only if you know te fact that he will do the same for you. It does not matter what background he came from. Wij vereiste not vacate our role spil the woman. The man should be the one that wines and dines you. Don’t fall for the Okey Doke Ladies, some boys attempt to play you, just because he knows that you have money. Times have switched, that is true, but they toevluchthaven’t switched that damn much. If he’s not paying for nothing at all, then you need to kick his broke azz to the side. He has nothing for you and he is use to a woman taking care of him. If he knows that you have money and he doesn’t, then he would be out there attempting to find a way to match what you are bringing to the table. Ladies don’t get it twisted because of a switch ter time. A verdadero man will still get out there and make it toebijten for the woman he loves. Please Believe It!

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