My Bf Is “liking” Other Damsels Pictures On Facebook

“Hey Jonathon, Should I be worried that my BF “liked” a photo of a beautiful Hispanic dame’s profile pic, a FB friend he just recently friended, or am I being foolish/looking into things too much? Mind you that he has never merienda liked a photo of mine. This is the problem with social media and having too much access into someone else’s life…I’m upset yet don’t know if I should say anything to him about it. I don’t want to come across spil the jealous type. He tends to gravitate toward dark haired, dark complicated women. This is a chick he works out with at his gym…” Chrissy

If my gf the therapist (Author of Talking or Cheating) would react, it might go something like this:

“Usually when jealousy arises it’s because wij are feeling insecure. Are OTHER things also happening te your relationship that are making you abruptly feel insecure about his faithfulness? Are you recognizing there is less attention, appreciation, or affection, being exchanged? Has your relationship lodged te and become a little more boring? Thesis are not questions that I need answers for, but YOU should ask yourself. Perhaps it’s time to sit down and have a check te with you BF about how each of you feel about your relationship and how you’d like it grow and deepen.”

While my gf is right on and there seems to be a hint of insecurity, there could be something else going on and here’s my take.

Very first off, he’s your beau, right? I am assuming you have both announced this and you’re sensational ter the relationship, right? You share regular activities together, like going to dinner and the movies. You have agreed to be monogamous sexually, right? Te addition, is your relationship developing into a deep friendship? If all of the above is yes, then chances are there is nothing to worry about and this is merely a harmless “like” for a fresh friend.

Social media can be a tricky thing ter relationships thesis days and the lines of friendship are getting further blurred with a plain “like” of a pic or a comment on a thread from someone who’s not your playmate. This is the cause of much frustration and even insecurity. When a relationship feels off, it’s time to check te and speak up.

For example: I’m ter a wonderful relationship with someone who I truly care for and cherish. She feels cared for and cherished because my deeds demonstrate that, not just my words. Wij both are active on Facebook and I from time to time “like” a pic of a pretty woman. I also “like” quotes I see or movies I love, the list could go on and on. What I also do is “like” and share pic’s of my beloved on Facebook. Our relationship is announced and wij have no secrets. Thesis are my deeds that demonstrate my loyalty to this relationship.

Secrecy is what I would be most worried about but if he’s “liking” someone ter plain glance, then it shows up to mij he is open and fair.

Here’s my recommendation, do what my gf suggests and have a talk with him. Check ter with him te a very peaceful manner and find out what truly is going on and share your feelings. Think conversation, not confrontation and look for the “win win” for the both of you. You’ll be glad you did.

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