A lotsbestemming of people seem to have trouble figuring out what a sub-Reddit is and how to submit to one. Te an effort to help out those who aren’t sure of how to use the webpagina, I’ve created a step-by-step guide with screenshots and explanations of how to decently use Reddit. When you come across a picture, click it, that way you’ll be able to see its full-size. Everything has bot highlighted ter crimson and explained. The photos and hub will voorkant submitting a verbinding, searching for sub-Reddits and both ways you can submit to a sub-Reddit when you find one you like. If any of this doesn’t make sense right now, just keep reading. Everything will be explained and if it’s not, ask anything you’re confused about ter the comments section and I’ll attempt to clear it up for you.

Submitting To Reddit

If you project to use Reddit to obtain backlinks and get traffic, you will need an account. This is fairly effortless to make and you can find the “register” te the upper right forearm corner. You don’t need an email, but after a duo submissions they will ask for you to verify you’re human, so I’d give them one just to skip that step straks. Merienda you are registered you are able to submit linksaf to the webpagina. You can do so by clicking the “submit a verbinding” button te the right arm sidebar. If you toebijten to be on a sub-Reddit, you will need to scroll down to find it.

The very first picture shows you how to submit a listig from the Reddit homepage. The 2nd picture shows you where you might find the “submit a verbinding” button on a sub-Reddit pagina.

Now when you’re submitting a listig there’s a few things you have to do.

1. Title. When you waterput te your URL you have the option of letting Reddit suggest a title for you. I only click that button when the title will be the same my hub. Sometimes I will alter my title a few words for the sub-Reddit I’m submitting to. You are not required to, but keep te mind that it could help.

Two. URL. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Just waterput te the URL to your hub and voila, you’re done with this step.

Three. Reddit. Often times this is where people get confused. It will say ‘reddit’ ter the same font spil ‘title’ and ‘url’ and te the white space it’ll say ‘reddit.com’. Underneath that opbergruimte it will suggest you different sub-Reddits to submit to. When I very first began on the webpagina, like many, I didn’t switch that opbergruimte. However, you need to if you want to get any traffic. If you don’t, your postbode will get buried and marked spil spam and no one will see it. Te the third picture the highlighted area is where you can switch the sub-Reddit.

Merienda you’ve packed ter all those boxes, klapper ‘submit’ and you’re good to go. Unless your account has bot waterput on time out or it tells you to wait a certain number of minutes before submitting another listig, it should be out there for the world to see with no problems. Some sub-Reddits will take up to fifteen minutes to showcase your listig, so don’t be worried if it doesn’t instantaneously speelpop up ter their pages.

Searching For Sub-Reddits

If you want to find a sub-Reddit, you can use the search feature on Reddit. You can do this through the search brochure or when you’re submitting. I find it significantly lighter to use the search brochure and inject a few words related to my hub to see where people linking similar content are posting their linksom. Searching is further explained ter Picking The Right Sub-Reddit. This hub explains where the search feature is, how to use it and how to find the sub-Reddit when you do search.

Te the fourth picture you’ll see the search buffet where I’ve waterput ter a duo words to search. Te the fifth picture I’ll highlight where you can find the sub-Reddit that each listig is posted under.

Now when you’re searching, there are a few things you need to keep te mind.

1. Linksaf. What linksaf speelpop up are the ones that correlate to your search. If someone else posts something that sounds similar to what you’re searching for, then find out what sub-Reddit they’ve used and submit yours to the same.

Two. Sub-Reddits. Some sub-Reddit titles will give off the instantaneous hint that hey, that’s where you should submit them. When I type ter “inspirational quotes” I get the ‘get motivated’ and ‘quotes’ sub-Reddits ter my very first duo searches. Obviously, I should submit my listig to those sub-Reddits.

Merienda you determine on the sub-Reddit you want to use, there are two methods of submitting to them. That’s covered ter the next section of this hub however, so proceed forward.

Submitting To Sub-Reddits

There are two ways to submit to a sub-Reddit. The very first is through the homepage. You inject your title and URL information spil frecuente and then erase ‘reddit.com’ from the Reddit opbergruimte. You can then embark typing what sub-Reddit you want to submit to. Te the sixth picture you’ll see the druppel down spijskaart that comes up when you embark searching.

All you need to do is finish what you’re typing or click on one of the options that they give you. I’ve found that some sub-Reddits don’t showcase up when you use this method however. I’m not sure why that is but I know that if it’s a text-only sub-Reddit, if you’re posting a listig, that sub-Reddit will not demonstrate up ter the druppel down spijskaart for evident reasons.

The 2nd way is to go directly to the sub-Reddit you want to submit your hub to and submit that way. That’s why I displayed you earlier how to find the “submit a verbinding” button on a sub-Reddit. It will not always be at the top. It will likely be after any rules they have and anything else their sidebar contains. Some sub-Reddits have linksom to other sub-Reddits they’re vrouwen with, so that fills up their sidebar spil well. When you do that, the sub-Reddit will emerge automatically, spil shown ter the seventh photo. Nothing needs to be switched. Just insert your title, URL and kasstuk submit.

Any Other Questions?

Hopefully this helps those of you who aren’t sure where to find a sub-Reddit or how to submit to one. For those of you who don’t know what a sub-Reddit is, let mij give a quick definition: a sub-Reddit is Reddit’s version of Digg’s categories, except they have hundreds and Digg has a handful. Submitting to a sub-Reddit is choosing the audience you want to read your hub. I’ve written other articles about Reddit, the one I listed about picking the right sub-Reddit and this one about the pros and cons of using Reddit spil a traffic source. I hope that inbetween thesis three hubs all of your questions are answered, but if they’re not, feel free to use the comment section to inquire further.

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