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Heaven on Earth? I can’t truly speak for everyone, but for myself, I would describe Heaven on Earth spil warm, sunny, friendly, pristine, affordable, green, and peace-filled. Te my desire of fantasies, this is where my hubby and I would live out our retirement years. And, te more practical terms, there would be a good health care system if wij got sick and a large enough English-speaking community to feel like wij were not too far from that other place wij called “huis”.

Paradise but with ModCons

But being a pretty spoiled and privileged North American (Westelijk Coast Canuck) I would expect more than rustic delights of white sand and blue surf and tiki hut. I would want a chunk of property where I could have delightful flower gardens, koi pools, and just a modest, easy-to-care-for rancher with a duo of pristine modern bathrooms and a excellent view of the ocean and very likely a good generator system to run the laptop, the lights, and my well set-up kitchen whenever there are brownouts or blackouts or other sorts of power failures.

I understand from my friends who have actually moved to tropical paradises that there is generally a wonderful selection of domestic employees available at modest wages. My brother, ter fact, stayed ter a huis on the ocean ter Nicaragua where there wasgoed a resident chef! That sounds pretty attractive, but te my case I would want to re-train them to cook the way wij are used to eating ter our golden years: organic, vegan, about 70% raw. I have my own Vitamix, so wij might just dispense with the in-house chef. It would be fine, however, to have some help with housework and gardening. And, I guess if wij get ill te our decrepitude wij might appreciate someone to look after us. Wij have no project to get to that stage, but you know, just sayin’.

Isla Cozumel, Mexico

That Tropical Island Retirement Toevluchthaven.

Mexico tops the most desirable places to retire to according the Forbes’ International Living Top Ten list (). If you truly fantasy of living on an Island ter the Tropics, the Mexican version of that could be Cozumel off the East Coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, a pretty ongezouten ferry tour from the popular tourist city of Playa del Carmen. Cozumel has 90,000 inhabitants, and some of the best beaches and snorkeling ter the world.

Panama and Ecuador were just a hair’s breadth from joining Mexico ter very first place. Interesting Islands belonging to thesis countries include: Panama’s Isla Colon te the Caribbean Bocas del Toro archipelago where Bocas town has an established population of expats. Colon is a verdant (oerwoud) island. The rents for apartments te Bocas seem entirely affordable for anyone wanting to check out the Island overheen the period of a Northern Winter (te the $400 Canadian range for a 1-bedroom, convenient place with all the mod cons). Stores ter Bocas are reportedly well-stocked with usual American food, not that that is what attracts everyone ter their retirement!

Ecuador has the famous Galapagos Islands– not that you would want to –or would be permitted to– retire among the birds there. There are also an array of Islands that might appeal for residence. While researching Ecuador, I wasgoed interested to read about an expat duo living te Salinas, Ecuador (a beach community on the Caribbean Coast) who have opened a nearby upscale Assisted Living facility to expats and restringido residents who are dealing with unexpected health and life crises and need services like the ones they would receive ter a much more expensive facility back ter their huis countries. If you are nosey about their story, you can search Rick and Dana Racinskas and read about their Chipipe Villa, Salinas, visionary undertaking. I would suggest that along with health care, cost of living, and housing, you might like to check out what your retirement country of choice has te the way of “assisted living” facilities. While it is not pleasant to consider having a stroke or a debilitating accident when you are on foreign soil, wisdom should prevail for all of us mortals of a more relajado age.

One Man’s Paradise is Another Man’s Hell?

It is finta possible that other folks have other criteria for where they would like to live out their twilight years. The stereotypical ‘tropical island paradise’ might not be your idea of heaven on earth. Actually, if you want to know the truth, I understand that most warm equatorial havens have populations of reptiles (lizards, snakes, crocodiles?) to contend with. I am pretty squeamish around snakes. Even potential voeling with snakes makes my skin crawl. So, I have an alternative heaven-on-earth retirement desire location: Northern Ireland.

When I ready this innovador article te 2009, Ireland made that year’s Forbes Top Ten for desirable places to live ter retirement. At that time a duo overheen 65, paid no private income tax on any income below $59,000 USD. Today, the same duo will pay 20% income tax up to a private combined income of around $65,000 USD, and 40% on income earned above that. While the cost of housing is pretty steep, it is actually not much different from the cost of housing on Vancouver Island where I live. While Canada does have a high cost of living compared to some other countries, it is unlikely wij would stir anywhere that did not opoffering us a substantial saving overheen what wij now spend on housing, food and health care (I am married to an registeraccountant). But it is possible that others out there might want to weigh up the pros and cons of moving to live te Europe, Australia or Dubai overheen the thriftier countries listed on the International Living’s roster.

Is there a Volmaakt PLACE TO RETIRE TO?

There is no such thing spil a flawless place to retire. Even tho’ people who travel to Australia often comeback huis with a yen to go live there, it is so far away, what about precious family get-togethers? If you’re American, Canada might look appealing for retirement, but our notoriously harsh winters are a bit of turn-off if you already live somewhere like Florida. The south of Italy has a loterijlot to recommend it– a superb quality of life and even welgevoeglijk medical care– but its tax system and universal bureaucracy are something to consider before selling out to stir there. Depending if you are a sun-worshipper or a cultural aficianado or just someone who wants to get away and attempt a different life somewhere, it is very significant to do your homework.

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