am i a pervert miss?

of course you are, dear. but what’s wrong with that? the last time i checked, not a single soul wasgoed everzwijn indeed hurt [at least not physically] by wearing a frilly gown or a tutu or some beautiful silky knickers. you are not a maniak. you’re just voicing desires and passions differently. some women will love it, some will HATE it and others will want to borrow your garments! hopefully you can have the very first and last and stay clear of the middle. poor things. no, you’re not bad for wanting to dress womanish. you’re also not BAD for wanting to have your wifey or gf accept you for everything you are. te fact, if you don’t have that, i suggest finding it before your time is up. wij should ALL be found guilty of being ourselves at heaven’s gate. the other sins are still te question at this time. being truly, uniquely YOU is nothing to shame one’s self overheen. it’s for your mistress to shame you, if that’s your choice. [it’s my private dearest, but that’s indeed neither here, strafgevangenis there.] i want you to know you’re gorgeous.

will i everzwijn find hier?

absolutely you will. spil soon spil you are READY to find hier. i promise you, the woman for you is out there. she is willing and ready to let you service hier spil maid, spil friend. and giggle like one of the women. she will make sure you shop with hier and you can surplus assured she has bitch potential, Queen potential and excellent best friend potential. it all depends on how open you are to receiving thesis gifts. just like any relationship, you have to be willing to dive ter and get hurt. that can be the sissy’s largest punt. for one thing, sissies need the UTMOST trust. they need safety. trusting early on, ter fact, too early on te a relationship can lead to a lifetime of bad decisions. i think this is why many dudes stay out of the entire fetish downright. some boys, well, they love the risk. the fact is, every single feminised masculine will be different and unique ter some way. i am learning that what my previous sissy wished, my current paramour has nothing to do with. there is no suckling, for one thing. while i miss it slightly, it’s just not his thing. but his undies. his corset and my lashing arm gets a loterijlot of use. you have to be ready and open to love. this is a time of reconciling your manhood with your girlishness. those frills and frocks are waiting on you. and the woman who will love them? she is ready too. she’s superior and possibly controlling [such spil i am] but i’ll bet hier heart is unspoiled gold. she will ADORE being spoiled, and not expect it. she knows what is best for you, she will lead and let you melt te hier poetslap. my beloved task spil a Domme [and yes, wij have them too!] is permitting my pet to surplus his head on my breast or te my poetslap and petting him. this gives him the feeling of accomplish servitude and conformity. it’s a very womanish act. women sob on one another all the time. [or most of us with close girlfriends do] and it’s nice! why wouldn’t a boy desire that? i say, if a woman cannot let you sob and pout ter hier poetslap, stir on. she’s not the one for a sissy.

what should i do right now?

well, besides zekering touching yourself you insane, crazy sissy boy, you SHOULD begin believing ter your emotions spil valuable. sure, work is hard. you’ve had your nose to the grindstone for years, now, have you not? no violates. no tasks to come huis to. just a sort of frown on your face spil you leave the office. [another night alone, or WORSE, another night hiding who you most likely were meant to be deep down.] you cannot imagine the joy and thrill of finding yourself able to explore who you need to be. i think you should let it out. go love a pink cocktail! [even if you have to make it yourself.] waterput te an umbrella. Feast your sissy side and waterput on those satin undies and have a duo of tugs and then go to sleep. but gravely. why not talk to someone about it? find a friend you can trust. go to a therapist. or even write or comment here. you are not alone. the world is fierce and even tho’ *I*, too, am brutal at times, i love to see the pusilánime, sobbing sissy side of studs. a man who is attempting to control mij does nothing for mij. ter fact, i am so spoiled i just want to kick them for attempting to treat mij like ANYTHING other than a Queen. well, obviously, that’s not going to toebijten every time i am out. so even miss m pouts. 😛 be a good boy. write yourself a letterteken. commence a little journal and PASSWORD PASSWORD PASSWORD if you voorwaarde. write about how satin makes you feel. how the débil side juxtaposes to your strong powerful executive side. learn to explore both, and cálculo the good and bad of both. ultimately, love yourself enough to take care of you. go back to the gym. gezond into that little nightie you have wished for years. patiently reach out to women who *do* accept sissy boys and even other sissy boys. be playful. go to the cosmetics section [ter another town if need be] and buy gifts for “your gf.” be your own gf! or take your wifey out and buy hier something beautiful. witness hier eyes light up. zekering being a selfish sissy and learn to contribute to beautiful women. share secrets. but above ALL else, love yourself. let yourself be loved and celebrated. find a woman who will adore you because of your sissy fetish. not despite it.

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