Speed Dating Event Marketing Tips

Using social media will be a necessity while promoting any speed dating event, if you’re not using social media to promote your event, your truly missing out. Be sure to make an event pagina on facebook and invite everyone to your event, even if they are not single! Speed dating stands out, so if they know someone single, your event information will likely be passed on. Be sure to use your own hashtag (#) for your event branding with something catchy like #idatewithspeed. Be sure to use Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube to help promote your event.*

Five. Go Old Schoolgebouw and Kasstuk the Streets

Be sure to have at least 1000 Flyers printed vanaf event or print your event schedule for the month/ quarter on your flyers to save on printing costs. Believe it or not, passing out flyers is a fine way to promote your event. You’ll get to talk with people face to face, arm select the people you think getraind your event culture, and reaction questions about the event.

What our team truly likes about the old schoolgebouw way of promoting (passing out postcard flyers) is that it can also become social. Wij’ve found that wij build up many social media followers and it indeed gets people talking about the event online. For everyone who you interact with, ask them to say something on camera. Do an impromptu vraaggesprek, asking people why they are single or would they attend a speed dating event. This will give you superb terugkoppeling, more marketing material, and a reinforced way to get your event heard about ter city.

Tremendous Terugkoppeling

Since I’ve gotten so may questions and emails about how to actually promote a Speed Dating Event from people who’ve read my other HubPage, I’ve gathered my beloved marketing technics for speed dating event promoting. Here they are:

1. Understand the Power of Your Individual Network, Then Use It!

Believe it or not inviting singles that you actually know or a close friend knows is one of the best ways to get the word out about your events. People who know you will automatically trust you, normally. Merienda the word is out ter your social circle the word will spread. Since people talk, especially about dating and relationships, your name and event is likely to be a topic.

Merienda your venue is booked, use them spil a playmate to help market your event. If your event is open to the public persuade the venue to let their patrons know about your event. Be sure to leave business cards, a dropbox to collect business cards, and signage at the venue. Also speak to their bartenders! They are truly the eyes and ears of the singles who often visit your speed dating venue.

Create a Press Release about your event and get it ter the arms of every editor, columnist, and tópico event blogger you can find. Also be sure to postbode your press release online also. There are slew of free press release sites, just search using Google or Bing.

Using Social Media

Using social media will get the word out about your event and your speed dating business. The more you and other people mention the event online, the more search results will come up. Of course when your event comes up people can find you and ultimately attend your events!

Don’t underestimate the Power of Social Media!

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