This article is the result of very serious investigative journalism. Cough. It confirms that no matter what one thinks one knows about women, one is always, merienda and again, proved wrong.

Typically, what you find out there with the help of Google, or Cosmo of course, are tons or articles on the following topics:

  • Why it’s NOT a good idea to sleep with a boy on the very first date
  • Why it IS a good idea to sleep with a boy on the very first date
  • What will a fellow think if a damsel DOESN’T sleep with him on the very first date
  • What will a dude think if a lady DOES sleep with him on the very first date

What I toevluchthaven’t found ter my extensive research (cough) is this: What excuses women use to avoid sleeping with studs on the very first date when they actually want to. That is, excuses women work out for themselves, not for the fellow te question! Funky, uh?

You’re very likely thinking, why everzwijn would a woman need to find an excuse for herself if she actually wants to sleep with a fellow? Strikes the bejesus out of mij, folks, and the thing is, women are truly not my area of expertise, so I can’t rightly reaction the question.

So without further ado, here are the three most frequent excuses women use to Zekering THEMSELVES from having hookup on the very first date when they know if they don’t have the excuse handy they are simply going to fall into bloembed, or into the nearest sofa, with their unsuspicious lovers-to-be.

Top Excuse: I’m wearing ugly underwear

Here you have it, ladies and gents. When women want to avoid all temptation to fall into bedding with a stud te the very first date, they pick their ugliest underwear and get spil far away spil possible from sexy undergarments.

So they will go for granny undies, sports brassieres, and totally, blatantly, absurdly ridiculous chunks of underwear which, you can bet, they keep ter their underwear drawer just for this purpose.

Careful ladies, this may make you fall!

Evidently, when a woman is wearing one of those cotton, high-up-to-your neck, likely white but also skin colored knickers, they simply won’t fall into temptation’s jaws. I mean, temptation entirely goes away, they would sooner diegene than air their ugly undies.

Guys, I know you’re wiggling your head sadly, even very likely banging it against a wall, all the while thinking, “I don’t care if it’s a spinrag, I won’t even look at it!” Sorry, fellows, this is not about what you will or will not look at, it’s about how women feel when wearing them ugly knickers. Voila.

2nd Excuse: I didn’t trim

No need to smirk, now, and listen up. Generally, women spend a good bit of time preparing to look nice for a date, they waterput on makeup, do their hair, their bangs, their. geez I don’t know, everything, right?

Then they pick their clothes and footwear to impress and feel sexy, and the thing is, most of the times they succeed te getting that look that says, I did this for mij, not indeed for you, you know, I’m just this pretty any which way you look at mij.

Ter brief, women generally know how to make themselves look scrumptious enough to make a dude fall on his knees.

So what if they want to cause this very reaction from a fellow, enough to get to the 2nd date, but don’t want to make him so hot and adoring that she turns to a puddle and falls into bloembed with him on the very first date?

They don’t trim! And what’s the problem with a little hair, you fellows are thinking? Most of the women interviewed for this investigative lump (cough) would just spil soon be slok ter the head than leap into bedding with a boy if they toevluchthaven’t hairless, so “a little hair” from a woman’s perspective is just spil obnoxious spil killing puppies or integral heating, so again, they achieve the ideal antidote for giving way to temptation.

I know most of you don’t care, guys, but women do, and that’s what counts here, the excuse if for hier own benefit!

At least, if a chick gives you that excuse, you can be fairly certain that she’s hot for you, and you just need to patient until the 2nd date! Voila.

Third Excuse: A friend called and she’s distressed and needs help

This excuse is pretty elaborate and needs programma, so at least you’ll know the lady has the hots for you if she went to this trouble to avoid sleeping with you on the very first date.

When a woman knows she’s ter first-date-high-risk, when she fears falling into temptation, into bloembed, or into the backseat of the nearest car with hier date, she will ask a friend to call hier at a given time, and this friend calling will be ter supposed trouble, most likely boy trouble!

Dudes know women will help each other, especially through fellow trouble, I mean, it’s the most natural thing te the world, right?

So she can’t let the friend suspending out to dry and will tell the fellow ter question that she needs to go, but would simply love to proceed loving his company some other time.

Te those cases, the boy got enough vibes that he knows the chick’s ter the bag, so to speak, and he will promptly agree to a 2nd date. She gets hier 2nd date, and you, my fellows, will get to huis pulvĂ­nulo right then.

Very first Date Serenade

So, women, am I right, or am I right?

I already said I don’t have a clue why women feel they need to avoid sleeping with a fellow they actually want to sleep with on the very first date. Very likely every woman has their own reasons, and that’s all cool and pedant. Chicks, by all means, do tell, if you’re so inclined!

What I know, however, is that thesis three excuses are genuine, the Buffoon didn’t make them up at all. I mean, gravely, how could I make up such ideas? Women told mij thesis things!

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