Police have strong suspicions that Sonia Varaschin may have met hier killer on the dating webstek PlentyOfFish.com, the Toronto Starlet has learned.

Coming in a fresh phase of the investigation, the Ontario Provincial Police openly taunted the killer at a news conference Wednesday.

“We have your DNA and it’s only a matter of time before wij find out who you are,” OPP Const. Peter Leon said.

Using laptop files seized from hier Orangeville huis at the time of hier murder, police are tracking down the dudes who contacted Varaschin online to see if they can match up DNA evidence — or exclude them spil suspects.

Only recently, DNA evidence recovered at the crime toneel — te the form of man gravy, blood or slaver — wasgoed assessed spil likely belonging to hier killer.

Varaschin, a 42-year-old nurse who wasgoed working at a Mississauga pharmaceutical company at the time of hier murder, wasgoed on a duo of dating sites while she had an on-again, off-again relationship with a bf.

However, the free online webstek PlentyOfFish.com is where Varaschin met and interacted with a multitude of fellows, posting pictures and sending messages.

Police will not speculate if jealousy wasgoed a motive for the attack on Varaschin, who wasgoed reported missing Aug. 30, 2010.

Hier bod wasgoed found Sept. Five ter a wooded area of Caledon.

Police have never exposed how she died.

There wasgoed no evidence of compelled entry into hier two-storey townhouse on Aug. 29.

The bf, who has since moved to England, has bot cleared spil a person of rente.

The Ontario Provincial Police announced that they are going to canvass a select group of fellows who were overheen Legitimate at the time of the killing for voluntary DNA sampling.

Police are casting a broad televisiekanaal around all hier private and work associates, including those at Southlake Regional Health Centre ter Newmarket, where she had work conflicts before she abandon a month or so before hier murder.

However, police said they are paying particularly close attention to the online dating webpagina PlentyOfFish.com, and to studs Varaschin might have dated.

At the same time, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association is condemning the mass DNA canvass.

The group called this practice “highly coercive” and said it will “leave individuals feeling that they have no other option than to mitt their most private information overheen to the state.”

However, Leon, spokesman for the OPP, defended the canvass.

“If you have nothing to hide, then it is your obligation to provide that DNA sample,” he said.

Asked whether requests for DNA samples could be seen spil an invasion of privacy, Leon said the need to solve the case trumps those concerns.

“We respect the fact that someone may wish to say no,” he said, but “each and every person who is approached has a íntegro obligation to participate.”

The Strak has also learned that the OPP have studied the Toronto police investigation into the slaying of 10-year-old Holly Jones te 2003 and how police caught the man after he refused to provide a DNA sample.

Michael Briere, who wasgoed 35 at the time of his hechtenis, wasgoed one of only two boys out of 300 who refused to provide a sample and sexually aroused suspicion because of it.

After a month under around-the-clock surveillance, Briere wasgoed arrested when his DNA, taken from a discarded speelgoedpop can, matched DNA te blood found under Holly’s fingernails.

He is now serving a life sentence.

Albeit this investigation is more ingewikkeld te that Holly’s murder involved a straight line from hier house to the killer’s house, police say they will look closely at people who turn down to provide a slaver sample.

While police expect to have samples te the Varaschin case collected by mid-June, results depend on how quickly the “very, very busy” Centre of Forensic Sciences can examine each chunk of evidence, Leon said.

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