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GameStop App Review: Never Zekering Playing Review

GameStop is among the giants of gaming business worldwide. For those head deep into gaming, GameStop is more than a place to buy something fresh, it&rsquo,s a zuigeling of lifestyle. Founded te 1984, GameStop feels excellent three decades after te this dynamic whirlpool. It has become a place for a gaming maniak to feel like huis. Te the US alone only this network has 6100+ shops.

The official GameStop app is done for tracking what&rsquo,s fresh te store. It also supports communication inbetween users involved te games and gaming hardware trade.

Functionality Ten/Ten

The Shop tabulator has several sections dedicated to different kinds of goods available ter GameStop shops. They are Games, Consoles, Electronics and Accessories (mostly already available). A special section is named &ldquo,Com

ing Soon&rdquo,, it contains the announcements of games and devices about to emerge. The app can send you notifications each time wij get some news, and it would be wise not to decline that.

Another point of rente te GameStop is trading. The app offers a special trading place where you can view current offers or sell out something you want to get rid of. Wij can&rsquo,t help calling it &ldquo,PvP trading&rdquo.

An toegevoegd way to make use of GameStop application is to locate the nearest GameStop catches sight of and connect with them. When you find an voorwerp you&rsquo,re interested ter, you can make a reserve for you and pay for it when you arrive. And when you get ter, you can use all the payment facilities, iPhone users are the luckiest to use Apple Pay for transactions, however Android also has something to suggest, especially if you use Samsung phone. The iOS app also supports Passbook, so it makes your digital purchases lighter.

Well, even if you don&rsquo,t buy anything spil you visit a GameStop spot, you can check ter to build up some points just for being there.

GameStop has bot promoting its premium membership, and the app has all the benefits of it. You get notified about special deals and offers for members only, track your points number and convert them into vivo prizes.

Vormgeving 8/Ten

The app is designed moderately, there&rsquo,s nothing like traditional &ldquo,gaming vormgeving&rdquo,, that bright neon extraterrestrial style. It&rsquo,s not a spel, it&rsquo,s a commercial and informative app. Some weirdos fond of gaming aesthetics anywhere can find this lack of glamor disturbing.

On the other mitt, the app does its work well, it doesn&rsquo,t need to look like a spel spil it&rsquo,s all about gaming anyway.

Usability 7/Ten

The app is organized logically. When you open it, it&rsquo,s already clear to see where to go for your search.

One of the most unpleasant things happens when your location is recognized spil unsupported. Then you simply get no access to GameStop services at all. The app works when your country is recognized spil the one captured by GameStop network. But then you simply cannot download GameStop app from official sources. And if you have got it spil an .apk opstopping, the question is &ldquo,What for?&rdquo, No, it won&rsquo,t even sate your curiosity. Sometimes it would redirect you to your browser refusing to explosion pages, sometimes it would turn down to do the searching within the app.

Ter fact, the developers have their reasons, there&rsquo,s no practical use of the app if GameStop has no catches sight of te your country. GameStop application download is free and available (if you pay some efforts), but to use it you’ll have to substitute your actual IP with IP of some of the countries GameStop works ter.

It looks like a paradox that (for example) iOS version is available te languages like Czech and Vietnamese, while official GameStop networks are absent te thesis countries, except for one or two franchise stores te renta cities.

Cross-platform use 8/Ten

Today wij can have a GameStop app for Android and iOS. Other mobile platforms have not proven themselves spil a good environment for gaming, so there&rsquo,s no reason to complain about the absence of BlackBerry or Windows Phone official apps.

The lack of desktop client seems a bit more disturbing, but when you reminisce about check-ins and mobile payments, you realize that it wouldn&rsquo,t make that much sense.

In-app purchases

Ter fact, GameStop app is all about purchases. It&rsquo,s a mobile department of GameStop network that is always with you. The Shop section permits you to order and buy games, consoles, accessories and all the stuff the gaming industry is rich with. Anything you add to your cart can be paid via the app, through your Google or Apple account. And when you&rsquo,re already on the spot, you can pay with your zweem NFC system (Apple Pay or its Android analogs).

The Bottom Line

GameStop turns to those incapable to live a single day without gaming, so the app should always warm their pockets. It has both social and commercial components on the highest level. The developers didn&rsquo,t pursue cool vormgeving, but they have included all the necessary features. Ter the end, the app will save you a loterijlot of time, so you can spend it for something useful. For example, for locating GameStop shops around and touring them to build up more check-ins, lol.


If you’re head deep into gaming and spel trading, the GameStop is a must-have app for you, no matter if you are near a spot or not, but if you can’t install it directly from your app store, very likely there’s no infrastructure te your country the app might interact with to make any sense.

Announcements and ads,

Trading facilities included,

Good integration with vivo GameStop ordner,

Bonuses for participation,

Mobile payments support.

Cons : Not supported for the countries not covered by GameStop network,

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