I know, I know, I know. It defies logic. Makes little sense, yet, many boys looking for love and romance via many online romance sites are duped because they simply are not aware there are such low-life humans willing to play on one’s emotions to get money. It is sick. It is sick even more if the beautiful woman is actually a man. But, that could and most likely is the reality for many studs ter the USA and Europe who unknowingly fall for such a woman. If its too good to be true, it most likely is a scam. The fellows who fall simply do not know that the photos they see online are actually from some of the soft porn’s best honies. The most popular pictures are stolen from thesis specimen’s own websites. The photos selected are not the xxx diversity but finta the opposite, they are the more natural shots and poses that a specimen would do. That a frecuente person would take.

The fellows who fall for them might be taken for some money before suspicion hits them, or they may think that instantaneously, yet, their attention is diverted spil the texting increases and turns to the romance side. They may ask some private questions about hookup related topics just to “hook” you more. A victim may recognize all the signs of a scam, yet find it hard to pull away because of the “chance” it might be verdadero. One never knows, right? There is that remote possibility, right? It is that type of thinking that nags you and so when a request for a petite amount of money happens, despite all the warning alarms going on ter your mind, you come back to, “there is a chance, right?”. Meantime, the scammer is texting you for the need and how time is brief. If you can’t send the amount they want, they will barter with you and ask, “How much can you send?” . Just telling “No” will not end it usually. They will say they understand at very first but will attempt again.

Let’s be efectivo. Why would the most popular xxx models do this from Westelijk Africa, namely, Ghana, Nigeria, Gabon and a few others? They all have their own fan pulvínulo te the USA via their own websites that dudes can join. They don’t need to go to Africa to scam boys. Why would such white woman go to black Africa? They wouldn’t, but, the boys observing their photos on Match or whatever, do not realize this is stolen identity. They most likely have no clue who the leading soft porn models are. Thesis studs, then, gulp the bait, even while thinking, “it is to good too be true”. Truth is, very few white people are ter Westelijk Africa unless they are with NGO’s, such spil, UNICEF or USAID, or other foreign companies. It is true, that some natives te that area are “mulato”, or do have light skin, making them look more Spanish descent or brown. But, even they are puny te numbers. The odds that the person the victim is texting with, te one of thesis countries, is a man, is high. Many Westelijk African studs do this due to lack of work, but women also do this.

So, who are the most popular soft porn models that scammers steal photos from and postbode with their profile on romance sites? While there are many places to steal photos from, the most overused models are:

There are many more, but Westelijk African scammers and others frequently will use stolen photos from all three, but by far Ann Vishaak and Nikki Sims are the most stolen and used. Ann Vishaak has a very large catalog of photos that scammers can access simply by subscribing to hier webstek at ann-angel.com. They steal what they like including movies. Of course, the photos they select are the non-X rated ones. Some scambuster sites state that Nikki is from Ghana. According to hier own webstek (nikkisims.com), she is a native to Illinois, she has a child, and has only left Illinois merienda! Of course, thesis same sites state that Ann Vishaak lives te Ghana also, which is not true. She lives ter Los Angeles, CA. Lia lives ter Arizona and uses the money from hier webstek, Lia19.com, to pay for collegium.

With overheen 100 popular porn starlets on the Internet, the Westelijk Africans can pick and choose their photos and create a online profile on popular romance sites. The victim should do their own research before getting ter too deep. Use either Tin Eye or pictures.google.com to determine if a photo has bot used on the web before and where. Very first, you voorwaarde capture it and save it, however. Visit scam warning websites. Google the name on the profile. You can track their IP address to see where it originated from. You can check the email address to see where if came from. Do a switch roles phone number search, albeit many scammers use VOip, permitting them to talk to you overheen high speed internet. You can request a webcam or Skype live session, if they say no, be suspicious. You can do this spil you text one another and you should begin to verify what they tell you. Spil time goes on, their stories may no longer be the same or contradict one another. You may hear the same reason why they need money again. They may become angry with you if you frustrate them with questions and more questions. They may menace to zekering the romance to get you to send money. If their story sounds odd or makes little sense, argue te a logical manner. Some may ask you to open a line of credit at a almacén bankgebouw for some business objective, just don’t, but you can argue with them about what is required. They may say that their credit card is frozen because the bankgebouw suspects fraud and they have no other source for money while te a foreign country. Tell them to go to their embassy for emergency assistance. They will prayer with you for some money to pay for a slagroom or Internet, send you more photos (usually of Ann Gifangel). Just fight back, just fight back. If you fail to stand against, then, send the least amount they want to placate them. Ask to see the signed receipt of the wire transfer. Make sure the signature matches the person’s name you are talking with. Ask for them to send you a photo ID or driver’s license. If you receive a passport, send it to the embassy for verification. You can do this all online if you research.

Of course, way back te the recesses of your mind a little voice proceeds to whisper, “Is this existente, maybe there is a chance that THIS is verdadero”, despite the warning the signs and indications that the odds are stacked against you. Do you proceed to take that chance or not? Will you be able to just cut it off?

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