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Is it possible to be too good-looking? Surely not! This advanced ESL lesson project looks at the blessings and curses of being breathtakingly beautiful. Superb for generating conversation te your classroom!

  • Warm Up
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary match
  • Beauty idioms
  • Discussion questions
  • Speaking activity
  • Answers

Levels: Upper-intermediate and advanced

ESL Advanced Lesson Project – The Pros and Cons of Being Beautiful

Warm Up

Name an actor or actress that you think is druppel dead gorgeous.

Can you think of any benefits to being beautiful?

How about any downsides?

Reading – The Pros and Cons of Being Beautiful

Is it possible to be too good-looking? This is an area that has interested psychologists for a long time and there is no doubt that beauty yields prizes. However, there are drawbacks to being spil pretty spil a picture, some that you may have never considered before. Let’s see what the psychologists have to say about the pros and cons of being beautiful.

Psychologists Walker and Frevert, from the University of North Carolina, have identified a trend that they call ter the field ‘what is beautiful is good’. Attractive students are ranked spil smarter and more competent by their teachers and professors and are awarded grades accordingly. This wave of positivity carries the dreamboats into the workplace where their confidence and self-belief presents them with better opportunities. Those who are effortless on the eye will climb up the corporate trapje quicker than those who are less attractive and one investigate exposed that MBA students earned 10%-15% more money ($230,000 overheen the course of a life).

Not only do good looks give them an advantage at work, but it also helps ter court. One probe exposed that gorgeous defendants received more lenient sentences or no convictions at all, whilst adorable plaintiffs were more likely to win their cases and big settlements.

So more job opportunities, better career advancement, higher salaries and a better day te court, but are there any downsides to being so attractive?

Let’s revisit the screenplay at work. However stunning dudes are regarded spil better leaders, this is not the case for beautiful women, who are less likely to be found ter high-level jobs. And te the vraaggesprek stage of a job, if an interviewer of the same hookup considers you to be more attractive than he/she, it is less likely that you will be hired.

Now let’s consider relationships. There are guys who find indeed beautiful women intimidating, so it can be more difficult than you think for attractive people to commence a relationship. The online dating webstek OKCupid has confirmed this. They explain that if a member sees a gorgeous person on the webpagina, they think that the beauty will receive a loterijlot of messages and so they do not abase themselves by contacting that person. People looking for love are more likely to choose someone who has less competition.

Being beautiful might not be such an open-and-shut case spil you think. Wij expect attractive people to be more satisfied, more competent and successful, and to have more fulfilling marriages and social lives, but that’s not always the case. Attractive people have to waterput up with envy and scorn from not so attractive people, dates that are shallow, insecurity from vrouwen and inflated egos. So is beauty a curse or a bliss? Well, maybe a bit of both.

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