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Toevluchthaven’t wij all bot there? Wij meet someone fresh and invest our time and energy into getting to know them only to learn that they indeed were never interested at all, they were just passing the time or having joy or feeding their ego AND wasting your time. Some do it on purpose, others don’t know they’re doing it at all (yes, it is possible to be THAT clueless) but how do you know? Can you actually distinguish inbetween someone who’s earnestly attempting to get to know you and a time waster? How DO you avoid time wasters when dating and looking for someone serious? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s actually lighter than you might think.

Time Wasters contra Serious Dating

What is a time waster truly? How do you know? Well, very first of all let’s be fair, toevluchthaven’t wij all bot guilty of wasting other people’s time when wij’re not indeed all that interested te earnestly dating them? It happens, often times, wij just like the attention or they feed our ego or they’re a “new toy” wij want to play with and downright disregard (or not notice) that they have other intentions te mind. I’ve done it and I’m certainly not proud of it, but now that I’m more aware, I don’t do it anymore.

A time waster is out to feed their ego, plain and ordinary. You will know them by what they say and what they do. It’s actually fairly effortless if you know what you’re looking for. Some people are master manipulators and experts at what they do so you can’t tell, but on the most part that’s not the case. So how do you know someone is wasting your time? Well, do they everzwijn mention you and them te the setting of “us” or is it all about them? Do they everzwijn mention going on a “real date” with you or is it “hanging out” or just talking on the phone or texting only? Do they make an effort to Truly get to know who you are and take an rente te your life? Do they care about what happens to you? Are they preoccupied with just getting te your pants? Does something just not feel right with them? Do they vanish for days on end? Do they have a history of meaningful relationships or not? Are the crimson flags always flapping? Are they emotionally unavailable? Well, you get the picture.

How To Avoid Time Wasters When Dating

So now that you know what to look out for, how do you avoid thesis time wasters when dating? Well, it starts with knowing what you’re looking for. Know yourself and be true to yourself and your intentions. If you’re not indeed looking for a relationship then you won’t be bothered by time wasters because indeed you’re just going with the flow. If you are looking for something more serious however, you need to invest your time wisely. That doesn’t mean that you will only date people who you’ll end up having a existente relationship with, because you never know unless you attempt, but, you will date with purpose. It might toebijten that you meet someone and go on a few dates and it doesn’t work out and that’s fully OK, but you attempted. Actually, that will very likely be your practice on the most part.

What else can you do to avoid time wasters when dating? Here are some more tips:

  • be clear about your dating intentions and expectations
  • be selective about who you talk to and date (just because they’re interested or they’re attractive doesn’t make them an ideal fucking partner)
  • assess people on their deeds and not their words (time wasters will promise the world and supply nothing)
  • pay attention to the frequency and quality of their voeling with you (are they actually attempting to get to know you te a verdadero way?)
  • are they more interested ter having hookup than actually courting you? (hookup is good but it shouldn’t oscurecimiento non sexual activities)
  • do they talk about other people they’re “talking to” te the same way spil they’re talking to you?
  • listen to your gut (goes without telling)

But reminisce, dating is a process and someone getting to know you isn’t wasting your time if they are actually getting to know you by dating you and making a conscious effort. Don’t concentrate too much on the outcome, concentrate more on finding the right person who makes a good companion and the surplus will fall into place where it’s supposed to. So there you have it, how to avoid time wasters when dating. It’s fatal that some will indeed slip through the cracks, but on the most part choosing your dates wisely will help you avoid people who don’t want the same things you do. Before making an emotional investment te someone you’re talking to or dating, know what you’re getting into and that way you’ll avoid time wasters when dating. People will only waste your time if you let them, reminisce that, so don’t let them. Plain. Ordinary.

Readers: Have you encountered time wasters when dating? What wasgoed your practice? What did you do about it? I would love to hear about it ter the comments section below!

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