Wij’ve all heard them before, and to be fair, they usually don’t work. Pick up lines are good for violating the ice and making a duo of laughs, but if you’re attempting to slobber spel with them, you might spil well just pack up and go huis. Here at CMB wij found 20 funny pick up lines on the interwebs.

&quot,You have something on your face.&quot,&#Ten,*They go to caress it off&#Ten,&quot,Huh, I guess beautiful doesn’t come off.&quot,&#Ten,#pickuplines

#BadPickupLines I will pick you up, woman. Is this understood?

#badpickuplines&#Ten,&#Ten,Female, you’re an 11/0 because your beauty is undefined.&#Ten,&#Ten,And if you don’t get that math reference, goodbye.

Woman u look so fine, i could possibly waterput u te a cup and maybe make u a part of a finish breakfast #badpickuplines

Damn lady! Wasgoed your dad a cook at a onderdaan restaurant? Cause… UuuuuuMAMI! #badpickuplines

Walk up to a woman, fall to the ground, flail around like a fish, and say, &quot,I’m drowning te your beauty.&quot, #badpickuplines

#BadPickUpLines&#Ten,&#Ten,See this stadionring? I dug up my grandmother’s dead figure, and pried it of hier finger to get it. It’ll be yours some day…

Can I go after you huis? Cause my parents always told mij to go after my fantasies. #PickupLines

I want you packaged ter my arms… like a burrito… be my b?rrito #pickuplines

Yo are you an almond joy candy brochure? Cause you’re abhorrent &#Ten,#pickuplines

Hey gurl… You smell like grill sauce… And I like grill sauce #pickuplines

I made us on the sims and our kids came out indeed lovely. Wanna attempt for positivo? #pickuplines

Excuse mij, I just noticed you noticing mij and I just wished to give you notice that I noticed you, too. &#Ten,&#Ten,#PickUpLines #Noticed

Dame are you peanut butter? Cause you’re chunky. #pickuplinesgonewrong

Your bod is 70% water and I’m thirsty #pickuplines .

Speaking of water…

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Bronson Farr

Bronson Farr is studying Journalism at CSU Long Beach and is presently interning at Coffee Meets Bagel. You can check out some of his work at typhurionsgamestuff.wordpress.com or voeling him at [email protected]

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