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Okay ladies, here it is. I have done a poll by asking boys what it is that they truly want ter a relationship.

I realize that one of the most common ways to meet fellows, is online dating sites. Many have also have more than their share of horrific practices. I understand this, spil I have also had my share. So I determined to rethink the entire process of finding a good man.

What I came up with may verrassing many of you. So just for now I ask you to waterput aside all your bad memories of online dating, and I will share with you what I found out meteen from fellows.

What fellows want from a relationship

to not be alone, lonely

Someone to love and wake up next to

sharing life’s ups and downs together, good and bad.

the surplus of the answers I will waterput te across a line of type, spil there are many.

l) A need to have someone te my life to cherish Two) I am a hopeless romantic and love to be ter love Three) It is no joy doing things alone, travel, dining, walking on the beach etc. etc.

Someone to share life’s up and downs to share this life with, A playmate who is your love and paramour, Your best friend and all that that entails.

opening our hearts to studs

What dudes want ter a relationship

Love, Someone to share everything with

Love, Companionship and trust

Honesty, Communication and Romance

Love, Respect, to share the ups and downs, Honesty that brings out the outer beauty and trust, inward beauty, security and simpleness.

Being te love, sharing love, someone to talk to and confide ter, honesty about both of our shortcomings

to give unconditional love, to share and communicate, to accept each other and our individuality.

Very first they want a relationship because they don’t have one, companionship to not be alone,

sharing our interests, communication, lifestyle decisions together, social life and activities, huis and a future, proximity.

love , my soulmate, who enriches my life.

to find the missing part te life that makes mij entire, to love and be loved for who wij both are.

a very special friend, a loving playmate,

A fucking partner ter life, A person to talk with, without judgement, and being judged,

A person to strive for a common purpose with.

Studs te love

Thank you to the dudes who answered this questions

They will remain anonymous, but by speaking to mij and being fair te their responses they have helped.

To all the women out there, mij included, who have misunderstood, had failed relationships, gotten hurt, and wonder where the nice guys are. I can say with a healed heart, that they are out there. You just have to talk to them. Ask the right questions, and indeed ask the ones that have meaning to you. They are more than blessed to tell you.

If you do not ask, you will not know whom you are dating. So Date on purpose, ask them, and above all be fair, it is never to late to find Mr. Right, and hey even Mr. Right ON .

Please share below, would love to hear from you

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