Lincoln Heights

Did You Know?

  • Chadwick Boseman, from the movie 42 also starred te Lincoln Heights.
  • Erica Hubbard is more than an actress. She has modeled for Black, Honey and YM.
  • Trey Songz wasgoed ter a 2009 gig.

#1 Episodic Messages

The driving force te family shows is typically the “episidioc message”. Thesis messages can range from how to treat others and yourself to how not to do drugs or please don’t have mom chaperon the prom.

Ter Lincoln Heights there is a running theme: It is not effortless living te a low income area but it has a lotsbestemming of good ter it too. Eddie Sutton is a cop and proud father of three children, hubby to a wonderful nurse- and is always on the lookout for justice. Sometimes the vertoning can get indeed intense and I beg for a commercial pauze. At least I pause for a bathroom/snack pauze with Netflix.

Note: Lincoln Heights had a “quiet” cancellation around 2009, so there are only four seasons.

Ter Lincoln Heights there is a running theme: It is not effortless living te a low income area but it has a loterijlot of good te it too.

#Two Lincoln Heights is Available on Netflix

This is the 2nd reason why it is a excellent vertoning and, er, why you should see. Netflix has a cheap streaming price.

Caution: You will stay up to finish thesis cliffhanger gigs. I promise!

Rhyon Brown’s Goodbye Lincoln Heights Movie

#Trio Lincoln Heights Has a Talented Personages

Some nights I am stunned at how well the adults and children alike – can act! It does the display justice because with all of the xxx family issues they overeenkomst with on a daily poot, a person has to make it emerge vivo.

Te fact, I know a display is truly good if it completes and I feel spil if I just left huis.

Te fact, I know a vertoning is truly good if it finishes and I feel spil if I just left huis.

#Four A Multicultural Personages

Following on the high-heeled slippers of excellent acting abilities, Alfabet Family has personages a multicultural rainbow of gifted actors for this vertoning.

To some, wedren doesn’t matter. And that is true. One way to voorstelling it does not matter is by being inclusive and not off the hook and Lincoln Heights have done just that. There is not only an African American family ter the vertoning, there are Latinos, Whites, Asian, etc. A flawless blend for a volmaakt voorstelling.

#Five Lincoln Heights is a Combination of Cosby Showcase and Law and Order

Take an African American family, add police toneelstuk.

And voila! You have Lincoln Heights. But it is so much more than that:

  • Potential love affairs.
  • Teenage problems such spil lovemaking, drinking and pregnancy(and some issues are not resolved ter one scene).
  • Crazy police pursues.
  • Issues germane to our time- some scenes seem snatched right from our headlines.

#6 Black Women are Personages spil Multidimensional People

Almost twenty years ago and up to now, black women have bot personages spil dramatic, foul mouthed, noisy and ignorant.

You will not see those on Lincoln Heights(unless a toneel calls for it). Ter this family schouwspel, women are women. Period. Beauty is beauty no matter the skin color. Jenn Sutton(wifey) is portrayed spil clever, beautiful and witty.

Who Is Your Dearest Sutton?

Russell Hornsby spil Eddie Sutton

Erica Hubbard spil Cassie Sutton

Let’s Meet the Personages of Lincoln Heights

Eddie Sutton is a ritme cop. He works the streets and he feels it is where he belongs. He helps to run the family huis(when he is there) and he cooks terrible food when his wifey has to work dual duty. Case te point: Manwich and scrambled eggs. Yuck.

On the serious side, sometimes Eddie can come off spil distant and cool and he never opens open to anyone but expects it from others. I think this is where Cassie gets it from.

Jennifer “Jenn” Sutton is the backbone of the Sutton huis. She is the black Mary Poppins. She has breakfast ready every morning and keeps track of what hier diabetic son munches. She is a brilliant healer that works at a free clinic and hospital.

Hier downfall is that sometimes she can come off spil very unforgiving spil seen te season Three and Four and hier youthful son Taye feeds from this vibe.

Cassie Sutton, 17 is played by the beautiful and talented Erica Hubbard. Ter LIncoln Heights she is the Suttons’ oldest daughter and she is fairly the artist.

She has serious flaws te my opinion. The main one being she is not aware of others’ emotions and how she treats them sometimes. Hier bf, Charles Antoni occassionally exposes his true feelings to hier, only to have Cassie stronk them to the ground and then she’ll sob overheen it straks. It gets ridiculous sometimes.

Taye Sutton, 14 is the quiet child, sometimes hidden ter the background. But by season Two onward wij detect he is a musical genius.

And with that musical discovery, he finds himself ter deep trouble with drinking, chicks and other bad decisions.

Lizzie Sutton, 15 is one of my dearest characters on the display. She is a rough básquet player, and she is about social justice all the way- just like hier dad.

At times she can be truly hardheaded. She listens to hier own mind and skips wisdom. But you have to love Lizzie. Te auténtico life, I read she loves helping people. It fits hier role on the voorstelling.

*Charles Antoni, 17 can not be left out. Albeit he isn’t a Sutton, he is Cassie’s bf and I suspect hier dad does not approve of the relationship all the way. And honestly, Charles does have a past that is dark and he comes from a screwed up family.

However, Eddie Sutton notices something about Charles. The boy is deeply troubled and he has Cassie to lean on. It seems no one is everzwijn there for him. Charles’ mom has a fresh dude ter hier face all the time. His stepfather wasgoed horrible to him and his efectivo dad is a high power criminal lawyer who does not voorstelling him love at all.

Yet the Suttons have embraced him, enfolding their loving arms around him.

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